The training to compete in BB - 85kg. For the first time
  Hello, reader! The topic, begin a cycle of their training to compete in bobybuilding in the category men 85kg. 184 and remained about a month time. went.. My current…

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Healthy teeth - healthy body
  1.To teach children to properly care for the oral cavity. 2.To introduce the types of teeth and the construction of the teeth. 3.To nurture a responsible attitude towards their…

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Fitness as a way zhizni


Unfortunately, active fitness enthusiasts less than those who is indifferent to him. Quite a lot of patients 40 to 50 years, who not only suffer from osteoarthritis, but also from seriously threatening the health of the cardiovascular disease are not exercising.

Medical advice may enable us to survive longer than a caveman, but who rejoices in the last 10-15 years? Only truly healthy.

How about others? Daily stress together with habit incorrectly to eat causes

the body to develop a high level of “bad” cholesterol. Over time is a logical result: high blood pressure caused by clogged arteries. Add in Smoking and obesity. and the challenges are there. This way of life can lead not only to a heart attack or stroke, but also destroys your joints and drastically affect the tone of the muscles, Continue reading

Healthy teeth – healthy organism


With stomatologia is becoming more popular in our world. Beautiful teeth – a mandatory attribute of a successful person, be it actor and TV presenter or a businessman and a doctor. Wonders whether someone why? This is not a fad, but a deep psychological installation. Since ancient times, the health of people and animals was assessed according to the condition of the teeth. The absence of any problems in the oral cavity always talked about good health. And for good reason.

Mysterious odontogenic infection

Everything in the mouth is accompanied by an infectious process – the so-called odontogenic infection.

It can be acute – such it is impossible not to notice, she will be accompanied by pain, swelling, fever, and the patient will inevitably go to the doctor. So, it can be directly as dental problems, and spread outside of the teeth and gums inflammation – odontogenic abscess, odontogenic sinusitis (inflammation in the nasal sinus), odontogenic osteomyelitis (inflammation of bone) and even sepsis Continue reading

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