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The latter was named Andy Bombino. Yet every time the pretty brunette attends a pageant, she wonders if her brief stint in porn will be thrown back in her face. He was a short year-old with curly hair and a chin-strap beard that made him look like a leprechaun. The family was given an undisclosed amount of money in exchange for keeping quiet about the sordid underage sex affair. Her dark hair spilled over a curvy frame, which the outgoing teen frequently flaunted in bikinis and tight dresses.

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Cubillos has at least five Facebook profiles featuring different spellings of his name and eerie, unsmiling pictures of him next to celebrities including Pitbull and Ricky Martin.

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Her family wasn't so much broken as never formed in the first place. Send your tips to the author , or follow him on Twitter MikeMillerMiami. As cops were talking to Caudron, Amber arrived at the studio for a shoot.

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