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Ural scientists have created a drug for endurance athletes


Scientists from Komi has developed Supplements that can be used in sports to increase endurance and speed up recovery after exercise. It is noted that this is not a copy of someone’s products, and the result of their research.

“When we started, about Supplements was not even a speech, it was either the vitamins or medications. We were swinging on drugs. But in the West began to take shape medicine healthy person. When our laboratory of biochemistry and

biotechnology was created, we looked through the lens of these perspectives associated with improving the quality of human life in the North with an emphasis on people working in extreme conditions, as well as the elderly. Suddenly came to sports. When the drug came, we opened the eyes of Americans to the fact that our drugs can be used as safe drugs nadopunjavamo character in sport”, – said the scientist.

V. Volodin explained that there is a whole range of dietary Supplements on the basis of one substance, intended both for athletes and for people with atherosclerosis or diabetes. According to him, “Agustin” – adaptogen for the sport in which the properties of the active substance are strengthened by the addition of an extract of Echinacea, in “Kurdistan” – extract of hawthorn and willow, in “Destine” – extract of burdock. The scientist noted that the patented technology, the composition of dietary Supplements, there is the trademark “Serpantin” on the very substance, obtained all necessary licences and certificates for the use of raw materials – sebuhi crowned and a line of dietary Supplements. The dates on which Supplements will be spent on General sale, Volodin couldn’t call, noting that this will depend on the investor.

“In Komi skiers started to test was developed by scientists supplements”

Results will be announced after the completion of the sports season, including will take into account the results of the participation of skiers in various competitions. This was at a meeting with journalists on January 17, said the Deputy Chairman of the Presidium of the Komi scientific centre, Ural branch of RAS Vladimir Volodin.

Recall, a few years ago during a scientific research scientists from the Institute of biology found in growing in the Komi serpuhi active substance, the content of which was ten times higher than in other plants growing here.

From sebuhi was selected substance serbischen with various properties. Which is why there is not one TV station, and a line of three drugs – “Agustin” (adaptogenic and immune-stimulating actions), “Kurdistan” (anti-ischemia activity) and Dusten (antidiabetic action).

Despite the fact that the Supplements were developed in 2008, in a free market they are still not included, as this process is very costly: a new investor paid for some research, but then the funding dried up. As a result, now scientists from Komi has patents on the production technology, the products have a trademark on the substance, sanitary conclusion and the certificate of state registration of the substance and range of dietary Supplements.

Also have the results of anti-doping examination, confirming that these supplements, athletes may use for enhancing strength and endurance and faster recovery. Last fall, told V. Volodin, a few skiers began to take the Supplements, but the results will be known only upon completion of the sports season.

Developed in Komi interested in drugs and SKOLKOVO: there is a positive conclusion after a preliminary review of the project for the production of dietary Supplements. If the project will be supported by what little research enterprise will receive a grant of 5 million rubles for further implementation.

“KSC scientists intend to start production of dietary supplements for athletes”

The project for the production of dietary supplements, developed by scientists of the Komi scientific centre Ural branch Russian Academy of Sciences, received a grant from SKOLKOVO. This information was announced at the traditional meeting of scientists with journalists.

One of the most promising areas of biotechnology. Especially at the journalists developed by the Institute of biology, Komi scientific center supplements intended for ordinary citizens, and specialized, for athletes. They were originally intended to maintain the health of people living and working in the North. But American colleagues suggested that one of the products of the line SUPPLEMENTS produced KSC, can be used as a legal netopyrov of drugs to enhance strength and endurance and rapid recovery of athletes. They passed anti-doping examination and received all the necessary permits. Vladimir Volodin has expressed the wish that these drugs on an industrial scale was carried out on the territory of our Republic. Now there is an active search of investors.

Production of a line of dietary Supplements received grant support from the SKOLKOVO Innovation center in the amount of five million rubles. The same amount in SKOLKOVO allocated to other projects KSC: a water purification system and use of computer technology in transportation of wood that allow you to monitor losses during its transportation.