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Treadmill or exercise bike which is bette


An active lifestyle is one of the main postulates of maintaining human health. The main ally of any energetic person is, of course, sports equipment. In every gym there are all kinds of dumbbells, balls, jump ropes and exercise equipment. The latter are especially in demand among women, when it comes to prepare the body for the beach season. However, many ladies all the time there is a dilemma, what’s more effective: a treadmill or an exercise bike?

Any fitness instructor you with confidence say that each of these models is effective in its own way. The main criterion when choosing equipment to practice should be a goal you want to achieve. So, when running on the track most of all develop the muscles of the back and legs. The rest of the group will receive minimum load. 1 hour classes on it, the athlete can lose up to 700 calories. Riding on the same bike, you will lose only 500. Electric bike develops the muscles of the buttocks and calves, as well as the abdominals and back.

When choosing equipment it is necessary to listen to their inner feelings, where you feel safer and more comfortable. In fact, the function of walking and running on a person by nature. On the treadmill you need to apply the same principle as natural running. First you move slowly, then gradually speed up the pace, and then run. At the end of class, it is recommended to go back to slow walking, to pressure and breathing back to normal. Very carefully is necessary to approach to selection of the coating. It should amortize that you have not received spinal injuries or ankle joints. If you are on a rubber substrate during rapid running you feel discomfort, go on a fast move. He is also a great way to workout the muscle fibers.

As for the bikes, they are anatomically better suited to a man than a track. You can easily adjust your settings, seat height, handle. Sitting on it, you are unlikely to fall. The chance of injury is at a minimum.

Unfortunately, there is so much space in the gym. Therefore, for storage of sports equipment, you must look for a separate place. There is an opinion that the tracks take up much space. Such a claim is legitimate for the older models. New models are very compact and disassembled them can be folded even under the bed. The bikes sold are non-separable, but they are easy to fit even on the balcony.

Anyway, it will be hard to choose as long as you do not work out on each equipment. The only way you can feel that you effectively will help achieve a lean and toned body.

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