Preparing for cross-campaign (schools competitions tourism training)
Personal equipment: -clothes for work on the stages that cover the elbows and knees (mandatory!) -helmet with LANYARD(thin rope, attached to the helmet at one end, to the upper binding-others)…

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What you need to practice yoga.
Of course, novice yogi needed a much more modest set of tools than those already firmly on this path. For a variety of advanced level exercises, and meditation practice usually…

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Physical activity. What is important to know!

We all know that sports help to improve our physical condition, to shed extra pounds and find inner harmony. But to achieve all this, it is not enough to load your body with intense physical exertion and diligently perform all the exercises. In order to achieve results, thus bringing harm to your health, you should know what the optimal physical activity is right for you. Today the site is about losing weight DietaClub will talk about how to control the intensity of physical exercise.

The intensity of physical exercise

Most losing weight mistakenly believe that if you increase the intensity of the exercise . the process of weight loss will be accelerated twice and even three times. In most cases, such people believe that if you increase loads increase and energy costs, which leads to fast fat burning. Is this true? In order to understand this question, you should find out what types of physical activity.

There are four types of physical activity:

1. Small or little exercise.

2. Average load, creating a shape.

3. Developmental physical activity.

4. Maximum physical exertion.

During many of the experiments scientists have found that efficient fat burning occurs when a person practicing physical activity of low intensity. In such cases, the extra weight went away much faster than if they were practicing a high degree of physical exertion. It is also noted one important factor – after exercise low intensity dramatically increases the need for calories, which makes it very difficult to lose weight, especially if you are on a diet.

Each form of exercise has its frame intensity, as well as your physical state of the body, such as respiration rate, pulse and blood pressure during exercise. To physical activity is not harming your body, you must control the breath, pulse and blood pressure during exercise. Using these metrics, you can also determine their optimal physical loading.

Breathing during exercise

The increase in frequency of breathing during exercise is a completely natural phenomenon. Because during exercise the demand for oxygen increases, as the metabolism is speeded up, which is so necessary to our muscles. Another thing is that you still have to control your breathing, also based on General health during training. If you are under the supervision of a fitness instructor, then the frequency of your breathing will follow. If you practice fitness at home and do it yourself, then you have to monitor the frequency of your breath when you physical downloads. There is a simple way to check your breathing – stop for a few seconds and see if you are able to speak without choking and stumbling. If you breathe long, deep breaths of air, and thus can not properly speak, then it’s time to reduce the intensity of your workout or take a break.

Heart rate during exercise

Great attention is paid also to the heart rate during exercise . Here, however, each age group has an increased heart rate. To monitor your heart rate during exercise, first you should measure your pulse before beginning physical activity. Heart rate during exercise of low intensity is increased by 60-70%, with loads of supporting nature by 80%. With loads of educational nature, as well as during physical load of maximum intensity of the pulse can be increased to 90-95%.

As we have said, it should also take into account the age. Women’s site about weight loss DietaClub let me cite some figures that will help you to monitor your heart rate during exercise. If your age is close to the figure 20, the increase in heart rate during exercise with low intensity will be 120-140 beats per minute, which is normal. At the age of 30 years, these indicators are already in the area 115-133 beats per minute. Heart rate during physical activity at age 40 is 108-126 beats per minute in 50 years – 102-119, and in 60 years – 96-122 beats per minute.

Pressure during exercise

Not rare during exercise there is an increase in pressure. This process is completely natural and due to the fact that during exercise, blood from the heart enters the artery under pressure, which leads to increased blood pressure during exercise. Usually after exercise, the pressure quickly returns to normal. Certain limits, as the blood pressure of a person individual. You can measure your blood pressure before physical activity to know your normal blood pressure, measured after exercise, and monitor how quickly your blood pressure returns to normal.

Energy expenditure during physical activity

Of course, one of the most troubling questions for a man who wants to say goodbye to excess weight, is the issue of energy consumption or, in other words, the calories you burn during exercise.

Burning calories depends on how carefully you do all the exercises and, of course, from your physical activity. For example, while doing aerobics, you can burn about 400 calories an hour, but when doing Tae Bo calories is even faster and can reach 650-800 calories per hour. During the shaping lessons you can lose about 300 calories per hour. If you love yoga, then do not think that the calories you burn during physical activity such low: hour Ashtanga yoga will save you from almost 400 calories an hour.

If you adore the morning or even evening runs and the trip can take an hour for about 10 km, you burn approximately 420 calories per hour. Almost the same amount of calories you will burn doing swimming. As you can see, you can always pick up a sport at which calorie burning will be faster and more efficient.

Site about weight loss DietaClub strongly recommends to take into account all indicators of the state of your body, and then you will be able to find the optimal intensity of exercise, which will not experience discomfort. Only with the approach of “lose weight correctly you will not only be able to put himself in great physical shape, but also can get rid of health problems!