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21 best fitness site for active lifestyles


Everyone knows that the Internet is one of the best and most available sources of information for any sphere of life. If you want to lose weight, get rid of diseases and to make a beautiful figure, your faithful helpers will be sites devoted to the topic of sports and fitness. I want to offer you a list, which included 21, in my opinion, the best fitness site for those who lead an active lifestyle or plans to soon go to him.

Why «fitness» website?

Usually people have “no clue” believe that fitness is a kind of gymnastics for women. Actually fitness is not a specific athletic or sporting discipline. This is the General name for all methods by which you can change your figure and health for the better. The word fitness is derived from the English to fit – to fit, to be in good shape. Methods for “improving” the forms can be very different – and strength training. and running, gymnastics, and yoga, and all sorts of new-fangled systems like Zumba or P90X. So in this article I will use the phrase “fitness site” as a site definition, provide information and tools to help lovers of a healthy and active lifestyle.

21 fitness website for active lifestyles

All sites involved in the review, either completely free or offer a choice between a free account and a Pro version, which includes additional, but quite uncritically to the user buns. Because of this in the review are not involved popular, but fully commercial projects like Dailyburn . The only exception is Fitlink . who asks to make a one-time nominal fee to confirm their interest.

In the West, the fitness culture is not developed much better than we do, so I want to start the review with the most progressive English fitness sites, leaving our “sweet”. If you speak English at least at the Pre-Intermediate level (below average), we can extract from these sites to the maximum benefit. Exception — Finnish Heiaheia is a social network that has a section in Russian.

Foreign fitness sites


Let’s start with my favorite fitness site. Myfitnesspal is a tool for keeping food diaries and exercise (tracker) that has amazing functionality. Seemingly simple – you set a goal for workouts, weight loss or weight gain calculator calculates the optimal calorie intake and you start to keep a diary. And here is revealed the full potential of the iPhone, the database has just a huge amount of food and exercise, as well as the ability to add your own options. If you approach the journal responsibly, you can get practically any statistics and graphs on your nutrition and training and to draw the right conclusions. Based on site operating the forum and, as with most other review participants, for smartphone owners have a special mobile application.


Another tracker like myfitnesspal, but sharpened specifically for the fight against excess weight. There is no such a Grand base, and meticulous product descriptions, however the interface is more modern, more social features, there is the possibility of creating photo galleries and maintaining your blog. If myfitnesspal is solely your tool and assistant, extrapounds is designed for those who want to not only track your progress, but also actively communicate with peers.


The third tracker in our survey, similar to the first two, but having a greater focus on the achievement of goals. Each week you set goals in three areas – nutrition, workouts and motivation, and by doing them, get points. The site has a large collection of training programs and recipes, as well as large community, which, according to the declarations of the site owners, involved a large number of fitness experts, ready to answer questions from beginners. Unlike myfitnesspal extrapounds and by default provides you with a ready-made diet.


Tracker, sharpened by training. The user is provided with more than 300 different exercises and convenient way to maintain a training diary with division exercises by muscle groups. Compared to extrapounds and sparkpeople looks simple, but it has a deeper capacity building and training planning. For retention of interested people from spammers and curious at the Desk offered to make a one-time fee of$ 5, so the site can be called conditionally commercial, but in any case a huge vozmozhnosti website are these five bucks.


Interesting social network, sharpened by setting goals. You set a goal and deadline, and when you run earn points. The point is that all targets are in the General list, and anyone is welcome to join you and compete. Conversely, you can choose a goal from the list, and strive to achieve it along with dozens of other participants. As you know, competition with others is a great motivation. The purpose can be anything that relates to self-development — from weight loss and muscle up to the ability to say “no” and avoid negative thoughts.

Pros: unusual concept, high motivation

Cons: not found


Finnish social network heiaheia is closest to classical networks such as “Classmates” and “Vkontakte”. The friends, the community, the opportunity to rate and comment entries. However, simple communication is not limited. At any time you can add in your feed note held (or expected) training with an indication of its type and duration. The days of missed training due to illness also recorded. Thus at any time you can get basic statistics on the training and to see how recently did your friends.

A competitive element is also present – every week in a special field displays your friend who spent the most time on training, motivating you to get closer to its results.

Pros: multi-language interface, interesting design

Cons: with the support of the Russian language low popularity in Russia, from-for what to find friends or just people involved in your sport, can be very difficult; the least able to keeping a journal (only the type of training and time spent).


From the first glance, this fitness website looks like a normal search engine on the resources associated with a healthy lifestyle. However, on closer acquaintance refuses that search bar there is the huge portal that provides access to hundreds of groups and blogs on any topic related to fitness and health. After registration, you are given a personal page where you can track all your posts in communities, news blogs, as well as to set goals.

Pros: a wide variety of information on any topic

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21 best fitness site for active lifestyles
  Everyone knows that the Internet is one of the best and most available sources of information for any sphere of life. If you want to lose weight, get rid…

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