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Running in winter as in than to run

Winter is coming and in front of me, in front of the newcomer, the question arose: in the winter you can run or not? Let’s try to put all on the shelves and find the answers to all of interest to me and hopefully you.

If you have ever seen is winter, wear warm clothes and that make something like running, then rest assured, they have found the answer to the

question can it be run in the winter. And time I and you see such people, we can conclude that it is not fatal, and Vice versa. But for the fact that this exercise has borne fruit and not harm us, everything must be done correctly and to know some rules of running in the cold season. I mean, and late autumn, because it is also very cold and tips applicable to the winter runs can be successfully applied in late autumn.

How to run in winter on the street?

To begin with, it is best to run all the same on the street and not in the gym or worse on treadmills. Clean air and tempering can be obtained only in an open area away from roads and dusty gyms.

Whenever the temperature can go for a run? No! Be sure to look at the thermometer before going out, if the temperature dropped below -16 degrees Celsius, then the classes may end badly. Low temperature can damage your lungs and Airways. Treatment is very expensive and can even be fatal. Be very careful! But if the temperature is above 16 degrees? Then you can run, but there is a little trick. The lower the temperature, the less time you have to take the training. For example on the street -1 degree Celsius and you run 30 minutes. If the temperature dropped to -5 degrees, the running time should be reduced. And so on until reaching the mark in -16 degrees Celsius. Beware of extremes: should not be afraid to run in the winter and think about what I wanted to replace it, but we should not come to the practice with fanaticism. Moderation will allow you to safely wait until spring and with unfading enthusiasm to start running more, without damaging health and staying in shape.

Everywhere whether it is possible to train? No! Remember that at a temperature of zero degrees Celsius and below — the moisture freezes. So run on asphalt must be done very carefully and it is advisable to use shoes with soft rubber soles, but shoes we will discuss below. Try not to run through the foliage, it can be slippery. Of course, running in the snow is prohibited. First, because he can close the ice and you can get serious injuries, and secondly, because his feet slipping and sliding and you can get a strong stretching of joints and muscles. If you have quality shoes, the snow is dry and you run on trusted sites (for example the track stadium), then you might consider lessons on the snow. The best option for training — indoor complexes. They can be enjoyed even in the snow and a Blizzard.

Breathing in the cold season, try not to participate. To breathe better through the nose and when the temperature is below zero it is dangerous to breathe through the mouth. If the nose is stuffed, you don’t go to class if we don’t solve the problem with breathing through the nose. It is especially dangerous to run in strong winds and blizzards, it is better to postpone training until the weather close to the calm. If while running the storm began, to stop the occupation.

After a workout, a quick step head for home or other place with room temperature. Avoid prolonged stay outside after running, you can get sick.

If you used to run in the evenings, but now it is better to move classes in the daytime. There are several reasons: to see a good place for exercise and to breathe the cleanest air, because no greenery in winter and carbon dioxide, together with the fumes of cars in the evening accumulates in large volumes. Better to run in the morning, but not immediately after waking up, and after a few hours and definitely get a good after warming up. If you can’t run in the morning, try to choose places with good lighting: parks, alleys, and sports stadiums.

Secrets . If you are sick, been sick lately or for any other reason your immune system is weakened, it is best to refrain from Jogging until you recover to a state of vitality and strengthen the immune system. Before starting Jogging is better to cure the mouth, because some diseases (e.g. caries) are progressing in a cold environment and by inhalation of cold air. If you are just starting to run, you are a beginner and this is your very first lesson, it is best to wait until spring. Those who began and systematically runs from early autumn, you can continue training, because the addictive internal organs to low temperatures occurs gradually. After running in winter as in other seasons, you should feel a surge of strength, if not, then you have not learned how to breathe correctly or started too late and should wait until spring. If you run in the winter to tone — will last 15-20 minutes. If you want to lose weight — 30-40 minutes. It is advisable to do 1-2 days, then you will not lose skill and will not give the joints a greater load. Run without stopping, but with different intensity, if you wanted a break. Warm-up can start at home, then you have more time on the street will spend in active motion running and will not freeze. The main thing during the warm-up — not to sweat, so if you can split it into two parts, domestic and street. If you are unable to breathe through the nose, it is better to slow down the pace. After a workout you need to take a shower, to dry well, dress warm and drink hot tea. The critical temperature at which running is prohibited equal to -26 degrees Celsius. For various reasons, you can start to breathe through the mouth if this happens, try to press the tongue against the upper palate, then the probability of getting sick is sharply reduced.

What to run in the winter?

Clothes for running in winter should be natural. This is to ensure that the secreted sweat well absorbed. Also, in clothes made of natural fabrics, it’s so much nicer to run, because the clothes should be tight, or at least sitting tight. Hanging and loose clothes will not fit, because the heat will erode. It is ideal to use clothes made of two layers, or to dress yourself in two layers (for example two pairs of socks, a light windbreaker, and under her tight shirt, tight pants, and sweatpants). The jacket should be made of windproof material, because once you sweat, not getting cold air on the wet body, especially the spine and pelvis. Ideally, use a special sports windproof double natural costumes for running in the winter. On the head you need to wear a hood or hat. The cap should be natural, easy and not blown. At slightly lower temperatures, you can wear a headband that covers only the ears. Gloves are also advisable to wear natural, better of wool or rag. Don’t forget that while running, the body temperature soars, so much to dress warmly, as it will cause discomfort, will cause excessive perspiration and increases the likelihood of colds.

Secrets . If you do not have the ability to wear two pairs of pants, wear two pairs of underpants. This will help to keep warm «the economy». If you use gloves made of natural wool, and on the face mask you have, then they can be warm the face (also, there is a special face creams for winter). Instead of a mask you can use a scarf. Everyone has a different heat threshold, but usually dress warm for running in the interval from -6 to -16 degrees Celsius. In sports shops usually have underwear — it’s perfect for running in the coldest period. If you run in the dark, and even with headphones, the clothes should be reflective items, it’s safer.

A good outfit shown in the picture below:

Running shoes in the winter should have a very sharp tread outsole material should be soft. This will increase the traction, which you’ll run and give the Shoe flexibility, it is no secret that in the cold normal sole sooner or later death frozen, will become solid and as a result you can get injured. Shoes for running in winter must be kept clean and regularly washed the insoles. And the size should be not very small, the blood flow was free, because while running, the pressure increases and the blood runs through the veins faster, its nothing should slow down. Too loosened shoes will bring discomfort and may lead to injury. If you wear warm socks, shoes worth taking the size of a little more.

Secrets . If you have no other option but to run through the snow, on sale is studded shoes, it is possible to try to run through the snow. Before run well on snow zalneraitis, snow should not get inside.