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Pregnancy and exercise

Regular exercise during pregnancy will help to support health and wellbeing: improve posture, reduce some discomfort (back pain, weakness). Some studies have proven that exercise helps to prevent the development of gestational diabetes (diabetes that develops during pregnancy), relieve stress, develop endurance, much needed during labor and delivery.

If You exercise regularly before pregnancy, You will be able to continue his studies and during pregnancy, slightly relieve the pressure. Do not attempt to engage actively, on the contrary, perform those exercises which

are comfortable for You. Experts recommend aerobics, with small loads during pregnancy. don’t let the heart to beat faster than 140 beats per minute. If a woman who is a professional athlete, pregnant, she should be under the close supervision of an obstetrician.

If before pregnancy You were not engaged in sports, You can consult a doctor and start exercise, however, should be avoided particularly complex exercise, requiring effort. You can start with walks in the fresh air.

Experts recommend pregnant women to exercise for half an hour daily, except for pregnancy complications.

In any cases, you should not exercise during pregnancy?

If you suffer from illness such as asthma, heart disease or diabetes, perhaps You should not exercise during pregnancy. if You are experiencing any of the following complications, exercise is not recommended:

Hemorrhage or pigmentation

The low location of the placenta

The threat of miscarriage or recurrent miscarriage, Previous premature births or their cases in the family

Weak cervix

Before you start the exercises?

Before you start the exercises, you should consult with a doctor who will give You advice based on Your medical history and the peculiarities of Your organism.

What types of exercises are safe for pregnant women?

Most exercises are safe for pregnant women, provided that they are performed carefully and correctly, without unnecessary burdens. The safest and most beneficial sports for pregnant women is swimming, fast walking, exercise bikes, treadmill, aerobics, taught by a professional trainer (light load). These sports are not traumatic, involve the muscles of the body, they can tolerate up to the birth. Tennis and badminton are considered safe sports, however, on the speed of movements can be affected by the imbalance that occurs during pregnancy. Jogging is also safe for pregnant in moderation, especially if You were doing it before pregnancy. a preferred stay the sports that do not require coordination, which is particularly disturbed in the last stages of pregnancy.

Some exercises should not be performed during pregnancy because they can be dangerous. Among them:

Breath holding during any sport.

Sports with a high risk of falling (for example, skiing and horse riding).

Contact sports – softball, football, basketball, volleyball.

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