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Jogging as a healthy lifestyle


Regardless of whether you want to lose weight, strengthen bones or cardiovascular Jogging, certainly will help. What the benefit of Jogging, the impact of easy running on the body, recommendations for practice and technique Jogging.

Slow running hurts less joints than sprint, but to strengthen the bones, heart, lungs and burning calories it is useful none the less. At the same time, it is relatively heavy shock load, not too good for people who have

problems in the knee or ankle joints.

With age naturally decreases the density and strength of bones, and thus increases the risk of degenerative changes (e.g., osteoporosis) and fractures, especially hip and spine.

How useful Jogging? – Good for the heart, lungs and blood circulation

– Helps to lose weight

– Increases bone strength lower body

– Improves muscle tone of the lower body

This is an effective way to pump up muscles and strengthen bones lower body: every step while running is an additional load, which leads to increase muscle mass.

At the same time, this kind of stereotyped fraught with tension these injuries. No wonder even professional runners often complain of pain in the knees and split shank”. Long running on hard ground, you increase the risk of developing degenerative joint disease, particularly osteoarthritis or arthrosis. It is therefore particularly important comfortable, stable, cushioning shoes. If you regularly run, keep running shoes once a year, preferably in six months.

At start! Before the race don’t forget how to warm up and stretch. If you have never ran or are just in bad shape, increase the load very smoothly. Start with a vigorous walk, including about a minute of this run. As you improve the shape gradually change this proportion, alternating walking with all the longer run.

Breathing should increase (because we are talking about aerobic training), but running should not interfere with casual conversation. If air is not enough, so you took too fast a tempo. Performativity or go on a step until you take a breath, and then gradually accelerate to top speed.

Let’s be realistic Starting Jogging, do not expect that after two months will be able to overcome marathon. First of all, practice proper technique, and then build up speed and duration of Jogging. Set realistic goals: even small victories is a great incentive for the continuation of training and development success.

Diabetes, chest pain, angina, asthma, epilepsy, hypertension consult your doctor before Jogging. The same applies to pregnant women and people who have recently undergone surgery. If you have sore joints (especially the knee), don’t run on hard ground — asphalt, concrete, cobblestones.

DID YOU KNOW THAT. – Physical examination and radiography of the hip joints more than 4000 men have shown that Jogging lovers bone density on average 8% higher than that of their peers, suffering from lack of exercise.

– There is a direct correlation to the strength of the skeleton from the frequency of Jogging. Men, running a minimum of nine times per month, bone density is about 5% higher than those who trained less.

Technique Jogging 1. First, stretch ‘ em out at a fast walk, and then gradually increasing the speed, run at a comfortable pace.

2. Put the foot on the heel and push off the ground with the toe. Back straight, shoulders back. Hands relax, flapping them in opposite directions, moving the feet, quenching the inertia of the body.

3. By the end of the workout gradually performativity, moving a step. Keep going until the respiratory rate and the heart rate returns to quiescent levels.

While the muscles are warm, do stretching, focusing on the calves.

Give this combination of walking with Jogging for 10 minutes with an interval of 1-2 days, gradually increasing the time by about 10% – the length is actually running. This will save you from overtraining and injuries.