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5 places to practice yoga during pregnancy and after


Can a pregnant yoga? Need! That’s what you’ll hear from most teachers who work with future moms. And even if before pregnancy you never spread out like a rug, but now thinking about it — it’s time to choose the Studio and the teachers who will be able to trust. Looks like you have a tummy grows a true yogi, he is calling you to the Mat.

Yoga practice will help you to make a more flexible and obedient body

— the main tool during pregnancy and childbirth; and meditation, chanting of mantras and deep breathing, saturate the body with oxygen, help relieve stress and lift the mood, and a happy and healthy mom — a happy and healthy baby. The tradition of yoga and Ayurveda teach a woman to give yourself time, as it is now is the most sacred and the creative process — you become the vessel for the coming of a new soul. What could be better? Accommodation of this period consciously based on yoga and Ayurveda will help you through your pregnancy and birth with strength and beauty.

Things to remember during practice:

dress comfortably;

keep a bottle of water;

if possible, go on your own Mat, it’s always nicer and more hygienic;

consider the recommendations of your doctor and be sure to let before the beginning of practice restrictions on available your yoga teacher (he’s not psychic, don’t make him guess);

you on the Mat not the only one, if the baby receives during the exercise became restless — adjust the pose, pause it — your main teacher;

the teacher is here for you, feel free to give feedback, ask questions, ask how to do the exercise, if you didn’t catch the reference.

if you have no relations with the teacher, change the Studio. Practice during pregnancy should be fun, but the teacher it would be good to be credible;

listen carefully to your body during practice, if you experience sharp pain or dizzy — pause, tell the teacher about your feelings. Learn how to work together with your body — one of the main skills which you can get during pregnancy;

exercises on the disclosure of the pelvic region — your best friends;

the practice of yoga is not a competition and not a beauty contest — stop constantly to look in the mirror, increasingly pay attention inward;

you are not alone, next to you like-minded men and women who are also interested in healthy lifestyle, conscious approaches to childbirth, the development of ourselves — meet, socialize, live in fun!

Yoga center “Scope”

the “Sphere”. perhaps the largest yoga center of St. Petersburg is located in two locations, choose the one that is more convenient. In space there is a cafe where you can while away the time before or after class and in the program for pregnant — Kundalini yoga and Hatha yoga in the Iyengar tradition. The first is for those who have a man sing or want to sing. In the classroom a lot of work with the breath, sing mantras, inspired by the fact that the woman was created to give life, and therefore everything that happens to you — more than naturally, you only need to create the right mindset and believe in yourself. On Hatha yoga in the Iyengar tradition you very carefully pull and stretch my building every corner of the body after these sessions particularly enjoyable Savasana (pose of rest and relaxation).


“Green Tara”

Elegant rooms in the space of thumbnail near Gorkovskaya metro and close to vegetarian cafe “Trinity bridge” — a pleasant place for leisure and practice. Classes for pregnant women are held 2 times per week, in addition to Studio program you can find a lot of interesting concerts, Slavic female gymnastics and Birthlight Baby yoga and Toddler Yoga (from 1 month to 3 years). So it may happen that the “Green Tara” will be the location of your leisure time not only before but also after childbirth.


«Silver Lotus”

In yoga there is such a thing as a “comfortable pregnancy”, it includes knowledge of various methods and practical recommendations on how to reduce the stress, to resolve little troubles and make the time more enjoyable and full. This is the opportunity to experience this process in full, and not only to endure… Every Monday beautiful Natalia Makarova collects expectant mothers during regular classes. where there are special guests, the practice of yoga, tea, soulful conversations.

Meditation center “Emptiness”

One of the authors of “Emptiness “, the author of the book “the Nature of women — to give birth to a loving” Catherine Kasabova is douloi, that is engaged in non-medical support for pregnant and new mothers, because a large focus of the program space allotted the work of future moms: lectures, practice yoga.

“the Woman during pregnancy and after childbirth necessarily need to move, and not lay on the couch”, ” says Kate. “When a woman during pregnancy does the best that she is capable of, it gives her a sense of integrity and self-esteem. It elevates her, it gives her awareness: “I — the instrument of creation, the source of life”, ” says invited the master of space “Emptiness”, a Kundalini yoga teacher with over 30 years of experience and family counselor Guruguha Kaur (France). It is the third time coming to St. Petersburg to share with women their experience and knowledge about the possibilities of the female body, which is given to them by nature. The following meetings will be held very soon and will be devoted to practice recovery with the help of yoga and Ayurveda after childbirth .


“Amrita” clinic of Oriental medicine

In the “Amrita ” small room, but great program: yoga therapy with elements of yoga, gymnastics, counseling for psychological correction with an individual approach to every pregnant. Yoga here is a physician, yoga therapist, specialist in preparing pregnant women for childbirth Inga kalenyuk. “the Only restrictions for yoga — the threat of failure. If the breakdowns were, it is recommended to 14 weeks to comply with safe mode, do not do, and after 14 weeks, when the fetus is fixed, exercise can and should be. Especially if you have never played sports or physical exercise. Because childbirth — it’s physical labor, and if a woman is physically weak, how will she manage? Need to work, rather than going for a C-section or to think: “Coming to the hospital and the doctors will do it for me”. Mom needs to work hard for themselves and the unborn child”, ” says Inga.

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