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Exercise in diabetes mellitus. Exercise in diabetes


Vigorous physical exercise — this is the next level of our program for the treatment of type 2 diabetes. after a low-carbohydrate diet. Physical exercise is absolutely necessary to do, in combination with a diet low in carbohydrate food, if you want diabetes type 2 to lose weight and/or increase the sensitivity of cells to insulin. In diabetes type 1 the situation is more complicated. Because patients with this type of diabetes exercise can complicate control of blood sugar. However, in this case, the

benefits of physical exercise much exceed their inconvenience.

Before you start to exercise, it is advisable to discuss this with your doctor so that he gave “good”. Because there is a large list of contraindications for different types of exercise in diabetes type 1 and 2. However, we understand that actually, few diabetics will consult with the doctor about their physical training. Therefore below given is the list of contraindications and carefully analyze it.

Why exercise in diabetes

Learn to get pleasure from physical exercise:

There is evidence that people who support physical activity, is actually getting younger. Their skin ages more slowly than their peers. After several months of regular exercising with diabetes, you will look better, and people will begin to notice. Usually they don’t say it out loud, because envy, but their views are very eloquent. Perhaps the benefits that will bring physical education classes with pleasure, will inspire you to follow thoroughly and the rest of our recommendations for the control of diabetes.

Sometimes people start to exercise, because “need”. But such attempts usually does not leave anything nice because they stop soon. You will regularly engage in physical exercise, if it is to give pleasure. You need to solve two issues:

To select the type of physical activity that will bring you pleasure and not to harass.

To harmoniously incorporate exercise in your lifestyle.

Those who engage in sports at the Amateur level, would get significant benefits. They live longer, are healthier, look younger and more energetic. At physically active people are almost never “age-related” health problems — hypertension, osteoporosis, heart attacks. Even memory problems in old age much less likely to happen. They even at an advanced age have enough energy to properly cope with their responsibilities at work and at home.

Exercise — it’s all the same what to put the money in a Bank Deposit. Every 30 minutes that you spend today to keep fit, a lot of times will pay off tomorrow. Yesterday, you were out of breath, taking just a few steps up the stairs. Tomorrow you will fly up the ladder. You will look and really feel younger. And all this not to mention the fact that exercise will bring you a lot of fun right now.

Effective treatment of type 2 diabetes:

As exercise is fun and helps to lose weight

At the time of exercise burns a negligible amount of fat, unless you play sports professionally for several hours every day. Exercise helps to control weight and facilitate weight loss. But this is not a straight path. As a result of physical exercise, many people decreases the urge to overeat. But if much want them there, then they will be more willing to eat protein than carbohydrates. It is assumed that the reason for this remarkable effect is the increased production of endorphins in the brain during vigorous exercise.

Endorphins — it is a natural “drugs” that are produced in the brain. They alleviate pain, improve mood and reduce the desire to overeat carbohydrates. If poorly controlled diabetes, the level of endorphins decreases. But if you maintain your physical activity, it conversely increases significantly. Endorphins are also called “hormones of happiness”. They provide us pleasure from physical exercise.

In the article “How to lose weight in diabetes”, we described how obesity increases the scheme of a vicious circle. Physical education classes provide the same “vicious circle” just the opposite, because it is useful. When you learn to feel pleasure from increased production of endorphins, you will have an urge to workout again and again. A slender figure and normal blood sugar will become additional nice bonuses.

Exercise with type 1 diabetes

Patients with type 1 diabetes with a lot of experience prior to the implementation of our programme of treatment is usually for many years suffer from drops in blood sugar. Jump sugar cause of chronic fatigue and depression. In this situation it is not up to exercising, and therefore sedentary lifestyle exacerbates their problems. Exercise with type 1 diabetes has a complex effect on the control of blood sugar. In some circumstances, it can not only reduce, and even to raise sugar. To avoid this, you need to pay enough attention to self-control, and below the article describes in detail how to do it.

However, the benefits from exercise — many times more than the hassle that they bring. We strongly suggest to exercise when type 1 diabetes to maintain good form. If you exercise vigorously and regularly, then you can have health, even better than your peers, not suffering from diabetes. Amateur sports will give you a lot of energy to better cope with the responsibilities at work and at home. You will have more energy and enthusiasm to carefully control their diabetes.

Patients with type 1 diabetes who regularly exercise, more accurately follow a diet and more likely to measure your blood sugar, than those who are lazy. It is a proven large-scale studies.

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