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How to avoid injuries on the court and what to do if they received


The cold period is over, and on the playgrounds again, you can see mothers with prams and hear joyful kids hubbub. With platforms, however, we have in Diveevo, the situation is not so optimistic. Rough same type design, welded pipes, looks pretty shabby from the point of view of modern requirements. And about the platform on Chkalov street in front of the passenger of the enterprise and completely forgot – swing there has not been repaired since time immemorial.

But, tonight we take it’s not about that.

Children are children, and even when they are playing on the safest site, there is a risk of injury. How to avoid them? And what should parents do if they still received?

The swings are injured as they wait on Tropiikki who are trying to pull off swinging as soon as possible and to take his place, and cabs acrobats, swinging strongly to jump from the swing as far as possible.

For speeders weak spot – the back, which, with a swinging punch swing, if the child, jumping at full speed, does not rebound to the side. To avoid being struck before jumping from the swing, you need to slow down.

Bruise you. Back home, undress your child, feel that there are no pressure points on the spine, look for any changes in the child’s gait. If probing respond pain, go to hospital, it is necessary to make x-rays.

Bruised kidney. If urination is difficult or urine has become pink, it can be assumed bruised kidney. Urgently contact your doctor.

Toropygin there is a risk of getting hit by a swing or leg of their passenger. The most vulnerable place in this case is the image.

Broke his nose. Squeeze your child’s nostrils with your fingers and ask him to tilt his head, clutching tightly as possible your chin to your chest, can quickly stop the bleeding. The house attach to the nose cold compress.

It is believed that when epistaxis have to tilt your head or lie down supine. Don’t do it! You can accidentally inhale the blood, and even some of her drops, once in the lungs and beginning to rot there, will lead to pneumonia.

Be sure to show the child’s doctor if the swelling is asymmetric, sharply stands on any one area, but still visible bruise. It can be assumed that suffered turbinate or septum. When the deviated septum nasal breathing is impaired, and this leads to a lot of trouble: restless, sleep, snoring, frequent colds and even reduced school performance, because the lack of free breathing impairs the supply of oxygen to the brain.

Knocked out tooth. The shard, which might be about to break off, try to extract, it is inconceivable that the child breathed it. Tooth knocked out entirely, especially permanent, try to save. Wrap it in a clean bandage and go to the dentist! With a “fresh” injury to the doctors can sometimes a tooth to grafted slightly.

Smashed lip. Tilt the child’s head down and push to the broken lip clean handkerchief – this will stop the bleeding. The house attach to the lip cold moist washcloth, wrapped in a piece of polyethylene ice or hypothermic package – these packages are and car kits. Gonna hit it and dry the inside of the package turns into a cool mass.

If the wound is deep, giving the child first aid, it is better to consult a surgeon for suturing.

Encourage your child never to get up in front of the swings, not for them. You can stand only on the side!

And, of course, it is not necessary to be safe and to prevent the child from “too risky” fun – do not forget about the physical development of their child. Swing, for example, to train the vestibular system. Anyway, what is a childhood without swings?

According to the materials of the AIF’s Health”.