Breathing exercises Strelnikova exercises for slimming your search engine
  Breathing exercises for weight loss helps to remove fat cells from the body of pesticides, preservatives and other toxins. After all, a special breathing exercise can increase the amount…

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The influence of training loads on the various systems of the body
  Higher control center of locomotor activity are located in the cerebral cortex and the nerve cells that directly control the functioning of the muscles, in the brain spinal. NERVOUS…

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Increase endurance in Sparta

Sports and full exercise pursue many purposes, one of which – improving stamina. Often this figure is decisive in sports – the winner is the one who is able to overcome stress and fatigue contest.

Train sequentially and gradually, without abrupt jumps in intensity. If manpower is increased by increasing the intensity of training, the endurance – by gradually increasing the amount of time devoted to training. And, of course, do not forget that he was tired body needs proper rest, to recuperate. This can help the athlete tailored formulations of the most effective of which include L-carnitine. Nevertheless, the situation is when the muscles are sore after every workout with renewed vigor is not normal.

L-carnitine in the sport as a drug to increase endurance

The aqueous solution of L-carnitine has a broad spectrum of action: improves muscular endurance, stabilizes the energy exchange, stimulates regenerative processes in the body. In addition, after his admission, said:

The growth rate of fat burning;
Reducing hunger, even during vigorous exercise, with a diet and after strength training;
It contributes to the accumulation of stocks of substances in the body burning which promotes the release of a large amount of energy;
The stabilization process of digestion of proteins;
Increased stamina during intense workouts;
Improve coordination and speed-power performance;
Increasing the strength of the muscle tissue, protects them from injury and rupture;
The ability to increase the duration of exercise, without causing fatigue;
Reduction of pain by reducing the level of lactic acid;
Activating the production of endorphins, improving mood;
Acceleration of recovery processes after school;
The stabilization of the cardiovascular system.
So, summarizing the above, we can safely say: Elkar – an indispensable product for athletes, L-carnitine – is indispensable for the sport. Significantly improves the endurance and physical shape without the side effects.