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Sweating during exercise is a natural or unnatural process


Sweating during any type of physical activity is the normal activity of the body, which loses its fluid due to the fact that any intense, increased physical work associated with muscle tension accompanied by an increase of temperature of the human body.

Highlighting the sweat during heavy muscular work or in hot weather, the

body protects itself from overheating.

Severe sweating during exercise is one of the main indicators of maximum efficiency classes. Sweating is a natural mechanism of thermoregulation of the body and is directly connected with metabolism. It supports our water-salt balance and well-rids the body of dangerous toxic products.

So do not be ashamed of the fact that you get wet sweating in training and look ugly. This is not anything abnormal, on the contrary, everything is exactly as it should be.

What to do to reduce sweating?

To reduce heavy sweating during exercise, try to choose for sporting activities clothing made of cotton and flax (natural fabrics) or just use a line of clothing that is especially designed for fitness and exercise. Wearing considered an increased need skin to breathe during workouts and easy to give excess moisture.

The same should be considered when selecting shoes for training. Shoes of poor quality, can not only hurt during workouts due to improper load distribution.

In addition, foot and whole body secrete copious amounts of sweat and closed space spoils not only the skin but also the pleasure of training provoke a pungent smell. Therefore, it is important to select lightweight and comfortable shoes and do not forget to use deodorant, and talc for feet. The increased comfort of sportswear needs to come first.

Also worth considering the power and adopted the liquid on the eve of training. If you drink a lot of water or any drink, eat spicy, salty or acidic, excessive sweating during exercise is provided. Another feature of human physiology, men, sweating during physical activity, as well as, the sharp smell of sweat during exercise, is much more abundant and stronger than women.

I will add that obese people sweating profuse during exercise due to excess weight, but they weight lose faster than their slimmer colleagues in the classroom.

The benefits of sweating during sports activities

Use sweating when training is obvious. Although the pot itself during exercise – a phenomenon very few people is pleasant, but very natural and necessary. So if you on the contrary there is no potriveste or sweat secreted in small amounts is a cause for concern, it is worth thinking about why during the workout’s no sweat. It can be a serious indication that your body’s impaired heat transfer.

After exercise it is recommended to additionally look to the bath or sauna at least 15 minutes, get rid of all those toxins that have accumulated in your body. This applies particularly to those who do interval training to lose excess weight. The extra sweating will help expedite getting rid of body fat.

Severe sweating during exercise is normal, can not be said about excessive sweating in everyday life. Excessive sweating can be caused by stress, poor diet or be a symptom of any other disease.

That’s why in this case you should contact to the doctor the endocrinologist, for example, to establish the cause of hyperhidrosis. In this article we will not dwell on how terrible hyperhidrosis (excessive sweating).

The rules of training and drinking regime

Why drinking regime? It is clear that during exercise, the increase in the temperature of the human body, a natural phenomenon. Excessive sweating during exercise is the main way to get rid of excess heat during sports training, the body’s response aimed at reducing the temperature of our body. But heavy sweating in training, and reduces the reserves of water in our body. And the lack of fluid, bad for my computer’s performance during sports.

To optimize the performance of the athlete and maintain the health of the body, given the heavy sweating during exercise, it is important during training and exercise very strictly to keep drinking regime.

The number of loss of body fluid is determined by the intensity, frequency and duration of training as well as weather conditions or ambient temperature (microclimate in the room).

Receiving clean water will reduce thirst and increase the production of urine – this will slow down the process of rehydration of the body and well-promotes rapid recovery. Therefore, to avoid degradation during exercise and after them, it is necessary to replenish the loss of body water and electrolytes (salt, sodium, chloride, and others).

When non-durable physical exertion is no urgent need to compensate for the loss of the body. And when training in hot weather and with abundant sweating, you can restore the sodium balance and support normal water balance, adding to the diet of salty foods.