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The benefits of swimming for data


Swimming – entertainment, sports and health promotion of the child

Cheerful tot, floundering with a group of peers in the water, always causes an involuntary smile! After all, he is cheerful, plays his cheeks blush – shows that this activity brings him much pleasure. Don’t forget about this “stuff”: regular floating children almost sick with colds!

So why do so many moms and dads still not in a hurry to get their children to class? All parents know that swimming – that’s good. But one thing – a lake, river or the sea and very different – swimming pool with its relatively small volume and size.

Not dangerous classes in the pool for a child’s health?

Some parents are concerned that the pool water is chlorinated, some moms and dads, especially girls, do not want their child gained broad shoulders and a massive neck. Some fear that the child can “catch” in the pool some kind of infection, and some of them just don’t know how useful for the child to swimming lessons.

So, consider all the questions in order:

Harm chlorinated water. Yes, she is in any pool, what would you say, because there are health standards for cleaning it up. But first, your child will not be in it daily for several hours. Secondly, choose the pool with an improved system of cleaning. For example, the use of ionization makes it possible not to completely exclude the presence of chlorine in the water, but at least to reduce its content in 2 or 3 times.

The figure with the letter “T”. Just decide your goal – to raise a champion or just a healthy baby? If you need the second option, about the figure that will certainly give the swimmer, you should not worry. Just the intensity of your workouts will not like, so she could have a serious impact on the shape of the body. Know your limits and stay tuned for loads!

Is there risk of infection? Yes, there is a risk, but subject to certain rules it can be practically reduced to zero. In water to spread it, because it is disinfected. So, this can only occur upon contact of exposed body parts of the baby with benches, ledges, walls. You need to control yourselves and to accustom the child to the maximum limit such contacts, and don’t worry!

What are the benefits of swimming for children ?

Swimming lessons for a child – it

strengthening and development of the respiratory and cardiovascular systems;

General hardening of the body and strengthening the immune system;

correction and prevention of violations of posture, spinal relief;

strengthening the muscles and improving blood circulation in tissues and organs;

relief of emotional tension relief from the effects of stress;

the development of the ability to control the body, flexibility and endurance;

increasing self-esteem, confidence in themselves and their abilities;

positive emotions and the joy of communicating with their peers.

It is possible that the “doubting” parents have changed their minds about the lessons in the pool after received answers to their questions and learned the benefits of swimming for children.

If you want to take your baby to the pool, our site will help you to choose the right institution with experienced and qualified trainers who work with groups of children of different ages. Here you will find only reliable and relevant information about children’s sports schools, clubs, pools and sections

The main thing – be sure to consider the desire of the child, his interests and Hobbies. If he will do with pleasure, then sailing will bring only benefits him!