Sports on a diet
So, you train 2 to 3 times a week and eat 3 to 4 times a day. Now, I hope you understand that what you eat is as important as…

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The influence of training loads on the various systems of the body
  Higher control center of locomotor activity are located in the cerebral cortex and the nerve cells that directly control the functioning of the muscles, in the brain spinal. NERVOUS…

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Breathing exercises – the Most interesting blogs

Stand up straight. Relax. Breathe in deeply and hold your breath for 2-5 seconds. Then slowly exhale. End-expiratory breath hold at the same time. Repeat the exercise up to 10 times. After you have done the exercise you will feel a slight dizziness associated with saturation of the brain with oxygen. For a long time you will no longer desire to smoke.

Exercise # 2: you Need to slowly inhale air through the nose and a little faster to exhale through his mouth. You can imagine yourself a locomotive, then the exercise is not only effective, but also quite fun. To perform the exercise, start slowly and gradually increase the tempo. In one cycle do 30 breaths. After each cycle of rest approximately 1 minute. To get a good result, perform exercise for 5-6 cycles. Do this exercise every time you want to smoke. Gradually you will notice that it is not so often think about cigarettes and Smoking.

Exercise # 3: the “Full yogic breath”.

Stand or sit up straight. Relax. On the inhale, first fill the air the lower part of the lungs; a stomach bulging forward. Then, lifting the chest from the bottom to the top. The body is a “wave”. So it was a natural, the spine should be kept straight. Then, on the exhale, “wave” passes in the opposite direction: first subsides and slightly retracted inside the abdomen, then the rib cage. Try being in the initial position, to do so several times: on 4 accounts — a slow, deep breath through the nose, 4 account — slow, deep through the nose exhale; again on 4 accounts — breath and on 4 accounts — exhale…

The benefits of this breathing checked thousands of years of practice. Lungs get the oxygen it needs (because their sufficient ventilation leads to a General decrease in the number of respiratory movements per minute); chest gets the correct innervation from the endings of the nervous system; organs of the abdominal cavity get an easy systematic massage thanks to the strong and rhythmic movements of the diaphragm.

However, you should not abuse this practice: conscious performance of a full of the breath as exercises should not exceed 10 times in one session. Failure to comply with this requirement may excitement of the nervous system.

Do this exercise every time you want to smoke.