The stages of organizational work on preparation for competitions
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The basic principles of successful training
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Supplements and sports nutrition in medicine is improving health and increasing


The use of therapeutic medications in sports medicine .

Mankind for many centuries looking for the perfect diet to stay healthy. And is constantly faced with a dilemma: eat a lot – you risk to spoil the figure, and the restriction of food consumption inevitably leads to various deficiency States, particularly the lack of vitamins and minerals. Fortunately, the latest advances in science and biotechnology have led to the rapid growth of production and obtaining new biologically active

additives to food. After the last in 2002 in Moscow. Sochi international Symposium “Biologically active food supplements and optimization of nutrition” significantly increased the status of dietary SUPPLEMENTS and their importance in the modern system of human nutrition. Director of the Institute of Nutrition of RAMS V. A. Tutelyan stated in his report that the power of the XXI century is a traditional food plus SUPPLEMENTS.

However, the new food culture is not yet sufficiently assimilated by Russian consumers. Not only laymen, but some doctors are skeptical about the feasibility of using SUPPLEMENTS. Sports medicine has always occupied a leading position in the new dietetics. It opened the way for new thinking in metabolic medicine. For the first time the public learned about the need for supplementation of protein complexes, amino acids, L-carnitine, etc. Now there is a new direction in nutritional science called nutrition science. This science has been recognized all over the world except our country. Fortunately, at the moment the situation is changing. From 3 to 5 December 2007 was held in Moscow all-Russian Congress of dietitians and nutritionists. Nutrition science has been recognized as the basis of modern dietetics.

Sports nutrition is a specially developed preparations, which are applied in addition to the usual daily diet. Generally, sports nutrition eat perfectly healthy people who want to improve their body or to maintain health and to maintain an active lifestyle to a ripe old age. Naturally, any sports nutrition does not in itself ensure the harmonious development of the muscles, athletic appearance, but it helps to quickly achieve this with intense sports activities.

The main purpose of sports nutrition is to help people actively practicing as soon as possible to achieve high results. The intensity of the modern athlete is so high that ordinary food no longer meets the needs of the body.

Company NSP supplies the Russian market with a variety of dietary SUPPLEMENTS and nutritional therapy. Well-known and well-proven Omega 3, Liquid Chlorophyll, antioxidant bioflavonoid complex Zambroza and a protein shake Nutri-Burn certified in Moscow Antilopinus the center for the absence of prohibited doping means.

Special attention athletes and coaches drew a protein complex Nutri-Burn. For Russia, the company has developed an advanced formula composed of herbs. This is a brand new type of functional food. Here is a small excerpt from opinion Institute of Nutrition MOH: “”Nutri Bern” is a biologically active additive to food source of protein, chromium, hydroxycitric acid, eleutherosides. The BAD comes in powder form (564 g) in the Bank for cocktail preparation”. A smoothie is a palatable low-calorie drink that contains no caffeine and ephedrine. “Nutri Bern” is a blend of 80% protein (whey) concentrate and isolate, calcium Caseinate. In the recommended dose (two level measuring spoons contain about 40 grams of protein) (milk, whey protein isolate and concentrate), which covers 25-30% of the needs of adults in the protein. Calcium Caseinate, which is part of the cocktail provides the full daily requirement for calcium.

This wonderful complex acts on different sides of the metabolic process. So, hydroxycitric acid, calcium and chromium have gipogligemicheskih effect (reducing the level of lipids in the blood), hypoglycemic (reduces blood sugar), tonic, antioxidant properties; Garcinia helps reduce appetite, inhibition of fat synthesis in adipose tissue; eleuthero and Rhodiola possess tonic effect; chromium and Gymnema involved in the regulation of carbohydrate metabolism.

Taking the product during the month athletes celebrated improve efficiency and increase endurance . And after 3-4 months of supplementation, there was a significant increase in lean body mass while reducing fat mass. In the use of the product in the mode of replacing one meal per day with a cocktail, many noted the maximum effect of reducing body weight. However, when emergency mode is loads of athletes is not recommended to replace a cocktail fully meal.

Herb included in the product, not only helps weight loss but in combination with chelated form of chromium provides optimal conditions for glucose uptake, increase energy production and prevents the conversion of excess glucose to fat, and, importantly for athletes, promotes the accumulation of glycogen.

Experience of application of this complex in different countries, despite the presence of tonic plants, as eleutherococcus senticosus and rhodiola rosea, showed complete safety. So the absolute contraindications for its application no. Taking the product with caution in patients with chronic renal failure. In this case, you need to start taking the product to consult a doctor.

We recommend this product for use in the training of athletes, moreover, improve athletic performance cocktail Nutri Burn will have an overall healing effect. People who want to lose weight can use this product in any programs weight loss.