How yoga affects "pregnant" the body?
  In recent years, yoga has gained much popularity. It is proven that yoga helps to lower blood pressure, improve night sleep and the activity of the digestive system, strengthen…

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How yoga affects “pregnant” the body?


In recent years, yoga has gained much popularity. It is proven that yoga helps to lower blood pressure, improve night sleep and the activity of the digestive system, strengthen muscles and improve the activity of the compounds. How yoga affects pregnant body?

During yoga classes through sweat, exhaled air, the kidneys and liver, are harmful and unnecessary body substances. People who do yoga regularly, admit that they have found inner peace and easier to tolerate stressful situations.

The benefits of yoga during pregnancy:

Yoga teaches you to breathe correctly – exhaling and inhaling deeply, the body receives a large amount of oxygen, which is very necessary during pregnancy

Yoga reduces the risk of postpartum depression

Yoga strengthens the muscles of the back and pelvis

Yoga teaches you to free your mind and body, which is very important during pregnancy

Decreases swelling and cramps, which can be especially pronounced in the last months of pregnancy

Positive effect on the posture of the child in the womb, strengthens the muscles of the abdomen, stimulates the activity of the intestines and improves appetite

Restores peace improves the ability to concentrate during childbirth

Reduces the likelihood of poor health, gagging gusts

Improves mood

Reduces tension around the cervix and birth canal

In the postpartum period:

– promotes uterine contractions

– returns the state of the muscles of the abdomen and pelvis to its previous state

– reduces pressure on the upper back

– reduces discomfort during breastfeeding

Breathing or Pranayama

During pregnancy, proper breathing is also important as a proper balanced diet.

Correctly performed breathing exercises can to produce a medical effect:

– reduce premenstrual syndrome

– reduce pain during menstruation

– to regulate the menstrual cycle

to strengthen pelvic muscles after childbirth

to reduce the possibility of prolapse of the uterus

to prevent constipation

– to correct the incorrect curvature of the spine

– to reduce all kinds of psychological and emotional stress

Meditation will help you to understand your inner world, as well as reduce the possibility of stress and tension during pregnancy and the postpartum period

– You can create a special spiritual and emotional connection with a child

– Meditating, you faster understand themselves – your feelings and desires

– Meditation helps in cases of neuroses, fears and conflicts

Deep relaxation

To spend one hour in a state of deep relaxation srovneny four hours of good sleep – the brain sleeps while the body rests. This is very important during pregnancy and in the last days before birth, when the body needs a good rest before the hard work, and in the postpartum period, when there is additional physical and psychological stress.

However, be aware that some yoga poses woman in “interesting position” – undesirable, for example:

· lying on the back (after first trimester) or on the stomach,

· you should avoid exercise when it is necessary strongly to stretch the muscles, especially abdominal muscles,

· the exercises should be performed standing, should be done while standing on the entire foot (you can also lean back against the wall),

· stooping forward, start of the movement from the pelvis and not from the back, stop immediately as soon as it becomes hard to breathe,

· take the turns slowly, putting stress on the shoulders and back and not on your stomach

· listen to your body, if you feel discomfort – stop the exercise, maybe the body needs time to adjust to physical changes.

The word”yoga” means – compatibility and connectivity. Yoga connects – create a connection between your body, brain and spirit, as well as between themselves and the baby!

As You practice yoga during pregnancy?

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