The foundations and principles of bodybuilding. Development and growths of the muscles. Muscle hunk
In this article I want to tell You about fundamental knowledge, principles of bodybuilding . to be armed with every athlete (from beginner to professional). The principles of bodybuilding, help…

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Preparing for cross-campaign (schools competitions tourism training)
Personal equipment: -clothes for work on the stages that cover the elbows and knees (mandatory!) -helmet with LANYARD(thin rope, attached to the helmet at one end, to the upper binding-others)…

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Possible for a Christian to practice yoga

QUESTION . I understand that yoga in any form to us, people of faith, hurts, but when I run into people who are doing exercises with elements of yoga, they say that this yoga is quite different, “safe”. Please explain why Christians cannot be involved in anything like this?

ANSWER: it is Not possible to be a true Christian and follow a false doctrine or a specific practice of this doctrine. Any man is a worshipper of the true God and has the grace from Him, or he acts, violating the commandments of God, and receives in his life a recompense for it. The

Bible warns us: “the Lord your God, fear, and Him only shalt thou serve, and to Him thou shalt fear. Do not follow other gods, the gods of the peoples around you; for the Lord thy God Which is among you, is a jealous God; lest ignited the anger of the Lordthy God, to thee. “(Deut. 6:13-15).

There are many types of yoga. They all have as their objective the improvement of a human being. It seems to think nothing wrong with that, many say even that it does not contradict the Christian idea of human improvement. But there is a big difference between the concept of perfection in Christianity and in Eastern teachings, including yoga. Christianity leads man on the path of improving yourself for the purpose of approximation to the Ideal – Christ, on the path of sanctification and obedience to God, to imitate Christ. And this person asks for help to God, as he may not be a Saint. He looks for a consistent relationship with God. In contrast, the path of improvement in the various “Eastern” teachings based on the principle that man is everything and just can reach myself, improving. And the goal of self-improvement among Christians and yoga are different. Christians – Christ, and they have “I”. Typically the most popular techniques are breathing exercises and energy distribution. As for breathing exercises, and they are not as harmless as it seems at first glance. Familiarizing the student with the technique of these exercises, yoga teacher goes to mental exercises related to breathing. The student should imagine that he absorbs prana is cosmic energy, the basis of existence, then he must in time with the breath and with the breath to direct the prana in the spine and in the sexual centers in the so-called lotuses. Sometimes prana is represented as a serpent creeping into the man’s spine. Think not need to explain who is being introduced at such exercises in human consciousness. With regard to certain poses in exercises, in yoga they are called asanas. One takes a position and stands still, allowing the body to get energy from such “gymnastics”. Even from a physical point of view the craze these exercises unsafe. But most dangerous is the spiritual side of these exercises. A significant number of asanas taken from observations of animals and plants, and here the pose of a lion or a tiger needs to revive the unconscious man some instinct, is peculiar to these animals, and lurking in the soul of man, as if to emancipate them. According to the teaching of Eastern religions, the spirit of man is associated with the spirit of animals and plants and represents a certain unity with them. This is why many of them say about reincarnation, about the birth in the next life by a bear or something. They say that the human soul merges with the cosmic soul and eventually the person realizes that he and the Godhead is one, and therefore himself a God. All this is detrimental to the human spirit. Some of the yoga exercises are taken from pagan rituals, that is, contain genetic connection with demonism. The man does as he seems innocent and harmless exercise, improves your body, but in the end, giving up his soul into the power of the demonic forces, loses relationship with God. This is why God warned that those who want to follow Him, not only did not believe in other people’s false gods, but did not do what these people do.