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Fit-Girl Anna Microjava about running


New section Fit-Girl — about girls who are deeply addicted to any kind of sport and are willing to talk about their passion so that we also wanted.

the blogs and who enjoys running. Personally, I’m kind of a fan — because Anya very sincerely shares everything that happens to her and what she thinks about running — so that ceases to seem and that you are the one who has some problems, and that is the running — it’s something complicated.

The last 2 years I have run. The last six months, it became clear that associated with running all my life and work. Up to this point I have not done any sport never even skiing, skating and bike were in my childhood passed me by. One day I went to dance class, I was there for 2 months, then for financial reasons I dumped him — here and all my sports experience. The whole institution I was in the band for exempt, because in the first couple of months always good at sport at the University has suffered a serious back injury. Then I started awful lot of smoke and thought that the sport is such a thing, which for me lost forever.

Then at 23 I had severe family circumstances and I was very homesick, smoked more, ate only sweet, slept during the day and awake at night. You know, sometimes there is the feeling that you have made it to its lower level and worse to treat myself. When it arrived, I realized that I was sick of my lifestyle and decided, first, to quit Smoking, and, secondly, to begin to do something out of the sport that has given me the worst. It was run.

I started with a Coach to 5 K : I worked until 10 PM, came home at 11 and went to a nearby Park to try to run. 9 years of Smoking and a complete lack of any preparation made themselves felt on the first run, I couldn’t run 20 seconds without I didn’t want to puke and lungs were burning like fire. By the end of the first week I went to buy the first running shoes bought Nike Free (at random), and at the checkout I was asked to participate in Run Moscow. I said I will not learn to run 5km in 3 weeks. But registered. Began to run on SC not 3 times a week and every day. After 3 weeks I ran RunMoscow, double-clicking on a step. But nevertheless, the feeling when you cross the finish line of the race, which so recently seemed impossible, very intoxicating. Six months later I ran a half marathon in Brighton, and a year — marathon in Liverpool.

I made a lot of mistakes: neglecting warm-up, incorrectly picked the first sneakers (although I still have little idea how you can properly pick the first sneakers), did not do the exercises for abs and back, which responded with a small back injury at one of the races. But most importantly — I was in a hurry to do everything. When you start running, your muscle and even bone structures are rebuilt to meet the needs of a new task, and the first 2 years you build a base and not think about the competition. Especially don’t run a marathon:) the legs have muscles that without running little developed, they need time to get stronger, otherwise it leads to injuries.

Now in any difficult situation I think that if I could six months to prepare and run this distance, I can do anything

Injuries happen to all and always. First, we must learn to distinguish trauma from the tired and battered muscles: if you feel a sharp pain anywhere, stop, go home, apply ice (or frozen peas in a bag), and relax. If the next day the pain eased, go to the doctor. If you feel that today ran more or faster than usual — apply ice, nothing yet not even sick. Take a warm (not hot) bath with sea salt, which is sold in pharmacies around 10 p per pack, 1 bath 1 pack.

Never compare yourself with other runners. We all have different source data and all different body adapts. Therefore, someone can immediately run a 5 km, someone needs a month to learn how to do it. Listen to yourself. Be proud of your results and don’t follow strangers.

Running can be so different . someone running 5 miles every morning, and happy that someone needs constant goal (I just need one). About myself I can say that crossing another finish line I thought: «wow, I can do this!» and already walking with a medal through the finish area I thought: «what else can I do?».

When I ran a marathon . it was an unforgettable feeling. Almost 5 hours of running, I took my time, I decided before the start that I will not allow myself to suffer, and I did not suffer. I ran all the time, except for two long ascents, when she went on foot — a total of 4 km. I crossed the finish line, I was greeted by the husband with the words: «You just ran 42 km do You believe?» I was so happy, hungry and tired, not believing. Now in any difficult situation I think that if I could six months to prepare and run this distance, I can do anything.

This year I’m running 3 of the marathon . it bravely and desperately, but I am related to the organization of the Moscow Marathon, and I can not run at the Berlin marathon my husband and I run together in the team of the red cross, for which I collect charitable contribution. and women’s marathon in San Francisco is all just a dream two years. I’m not going to chase the time, like the first time, my goal is to finish all three without injury and with a smile on his face, and at the Moscow marathon to help the girls who will run my first marathon, run it to the end. This year it’s much easier to train, because unlike last year I found a job with a flexible schedule, which means that I train a lot, get lots of rest, sleep 8 hours a day and I have time to cook them a decent meal. And I have a great sports doctor. If not for all these circumstances, I would not dare to three 42-kilometre distance for 1.5 months.

At some point I realized that if running so changed my life, I want to pass it on to others . and I had the time and desire to do it. With the help of friends I opened a running club for girls, because girls have a running story, and it usually differs from that of men.

We have our reasons and motivation. Besides, some girls are more comfortable to run without the boys who always faster. We practiced all last fall and winter, and in March of this year we went to Paris for the half marathon. All girls, and we had a couple dozen finished, and everyone was pleased with the trip. In the fall we’re going to San Francisco for the marathon/half marathon Nike Womens Marathon where the finish is beautiful firemen in tuxedos handed to you instead of the usual medal pendant-Tiffany medal. Some girls run this September the Moscow Marathon. We are now running 3 times a week, on Tuesdays and Thursdays, and Thursdays added NTC workout (cross fit) in Gorky Park, and on Sundays we have a long jog with eating something delicious after.

Novice runners are always a lot of questions about the weather and equipment . because there is always the fear that it would be uncomfortable, water bottle heavy (and in the heat it is better to drink plenty of water before, during, and after running), and feet in shorts thick and still no tan. And everyone is looking at you. Actually, no one cares how and in what shorts are you running. Think less about what people think about other people. Once you overcome the first hurdle, and you have the distance, for example 3 or 5 miles, you can run without getting tired and slowing down the breath, you feel so good that you no longer care how you look and what you think about, because what you think about yourself becomes more important. Running gives you not only physical strength, but also develops stamina and endurance. You start in a different way to look at everything, and especially in yourself and your abilities.