Physical activity. What is important to know!
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The foundations and principles of bodybuilding. Development and growths of the muscles. Muscle hunk
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How to choose a trainer for doma


The simulator is a training device that is used to maintain physical fitness and combat obesity. Simulators to practice at home should be of high quality and easy to operate.

Choosing fitness equipment for home, one must first define its purpose:

to lose a few pounds;

for the correction;

for rehabilitation after injuries etc.

Usually, there are two main types, radically different from each other: cardio and strength training. The last type is designed to build muscle and training of individual muscle groups. Cardio use to lose a few extra pounds, tone up, improve health.

Consider the main types of the equipment for slimming, it is advisable to purchase for the home.


This type is considered one of the most simple and effective. This is because such an exercise as running:

burns extra calories;

good for the cardiovascular system;

does not require certain knowledge and skills from the student.

Treadmills are mechanical (driven) and electric (from the engine).


An exercise bike simulates Cycling, which has beneficial effects on the respiratory system and heart, trains the muscles of the legs and buttocks.

The equipment is quite common in home use due to its compactness. It also happens to be electrical and mechanical, and both types are driven person, which is also self-adjusts all settings.

Ellipticheskii simulator

Ellipticheskii simulator combines the functions of the stepper and the treadmill. This equipment allows you to train together with respiratory and cardiovascular system, build muscle, maintain muscle tone, exercise your joints. Movement in the classroom are smooth and continuous, which ensures a good saturation of the muscles with blood and oxygen, the active fat burning. Moreover, the joints are not completely load.

Before buying any kind of equipment they should arrange a test drive. To do this in a sports shop, you can choose several different models and testing them. To prefer is the one that provides comfortable movement and easy to operate.

A new type of sports equipment are free weights under its own weight. The main design feature of this type – the application of the load the weight of a person.

This equipment may include:

the horizontal bar with the bars;

the crossbar;

combination machine back extension;

bench press, etc.

This equipment is fairly simple and almost universal; it allows you to maintain excellent physical shape, but also improve the body’s defenses and stamina to fight with the stress and excess weight.

Furthermore, such simulators can be operated by people banned from other types of power equipment, for example, for medical reasons.

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