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Many stop at 1-2-m years of training with weights. Part of the problem lies in the muscle growth, which volume cannot increase indefinitely. Eventually your body reaches its genetic limit,…

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Breathing exercises - the Most interesting blogs
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How to run to lose weight ( I hope everything here is written correctly))


Correct running for weight loss is a long run, therefore, the less speed and more time running, the greater the effect.

1)basically what you need to know about running for weight loss:

Sequence: start with the minimum distances, gradually increasing distance

Regular (3-4 times per week, preferably daily)

Length (40 minutes or more)

The jog is the most effective means

Her breathing was regular and deep

Better to run on grass and soft ground

The most important part of the outfit – the shoes with soft sole

2)Running technique for losing weight:

Relax, the body should be relaxed

Straighten your back, while running, the body slightly tilted forward

Bend your arm at the elbow 90 degrees

Look straight ahead into the distance

Feet while running almost straight and almost no bend at the knee

We have to start with a sock, to land on the heel and roll onto the toe, the foot relaxed.

Run as slowly as possible, and for as long as possible

Just keep breathing, if breathing starts to miss, skip a step, then back to run.

Technique is Jogging the most effective and correct, as it allows you to run longer. Achieved a long cardio workout. This is the most correct weight for weight loss. It is the most safe for the joints and spine.

3)How to breathe correctly while running

Proper breathing can determine how long You will run. We all breathe differently:

Inhale and exhale through the nose and mouth

Inhale and exhale through the mouth

Inhale and exhale through the nose

Inhale through the nose, exhale through the mouth

Beginners usually do a lot of short breaths, masters breathe deeply. For weight loss need to run longer need a lot of oxygen and, therefore, the recipe is versatile – breathe smoothly and deeply. For Jogging it is advisable just smooth and deep breathing through the nose. The test for evenness of breathing in Jogging, is the ability to talk. Another option to increase the saturation of oxygen: inhale another breath and fully exhale.

Often recommended inhale for 3 steps and exhale for 2-3 steps.


The pulse running for weight loss should not exceed 170 beats for people over thirty years. the maximum heart rate is 180 minus age. If the heart rate is exceeded, then you need to move on a step, and when it reaches 120 beats again to return to run. Excess weight is an additional burden on the heart, increasing the heart rate, so the speed of continuous running for weight loss should be minimal.

5)Weather for running

It is recommended to run up to minus -20 degrees in the winter. In the cold it is better to breathe through your nose. And in the heat to have a hat to protect from the sun. If you have heart problems it is advisable to refrain from running in the heat. For losing weight, so having extra weight, running in the heat this extra burden.

It is desirable to run in a dry, warm and windless weather.

6)Clothing and footwear for running

In the initial period fit any shoes, if it is convenient, and any clothing if it is comfortable, warm, and dry. Equipment for running is pretty simple.

The most important part is the shoes. Perfect shoes – running shoes. Running shoes ought to cushion and protect the foot, the meniscus and spine from the shock load at the moment of landing. This is crucial when excess weight. The surface of the plate must be tenacious, this is important when running in the wet grass, ice and slippery surfaces. Tenacity is especially important for Jogging.

The best way to choose the right shoes to wear both shoes, and walk around the store, jump and slide on the smooth floor of the store, to make sure comfortable comfortable and soft to wear shoes.

Clothes for running – less than her, the better. Summer warm weather is shorts and t-shirt. Clothing should allow you to move arms and legs freely. In cold winter weather the best fit underwear leaky, combined jacket and light ski pants. You can wear two light jackets (one air-permeable, over her jacket, impervious to water).

Runner)If something is misspelled, correct)))Budots grateful, as she started to run)