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Preparing vehicles for sporting events – the garage, bodywork, paint


Success in racing is not only dependent on the experience and skill of the driver, but to a greater extent on the technical characteristics and condition of the car. Do not neglect the special preparation of your car for racing, if you want to achieve high results. Otherwise, such events will only be a waste of time and money. In the service station “RALLYX”

you will get a full range of services necessary for confident and crushing victory in sports competitions. The palm will be yours!

The stages of preparation of a sports car

First, the car must be roadworthy and safe. Therefore, preparing vehicles for sporting events begins with a complete and comprehensive diagnosis for anomalies. Qualified specialists of our service center carefully, accurately and honestly check engine, brake pads, tightening the bearings will check the throttle opening.

Next, but no less important step of preparation is full disassembly of the vehicle to the frame or the so-called “cramps”: deletes all unnecessary details, which can affect the maneuverability and speed of the car.

After completing all of the above activities, our specialists:

• install safety cage (different types of frames for different competitions), the corresponding rules and regulations of the International Automobile Federation;

• replace siding, fuel tank fireproof;

• isolate all the wiring and pipes;

• replace the suspension, tires and wheels in accordance with the type of track, which will host the race;

• replace the seats and install a special harness.

From these measures depends your health and safety. During the competition, the level of adrenaline in the blood of the racer should not go overboard due to fires or accidents, and the sensation of speed, drive and close the victory. Quality checking and training vehicles to sporting events – the key to your success.

Each type of racing has its own rules of interior design. Our specialists will prepare your car with full compliance with all necessary standards and criteria.

For stylish and fashionable

For those who need not only the technical characteristics of cars, but also its appearance, our professionals will provide attuning your car. Features:

• Car painting in any color;

• Installing a new bumper, spoilers;

• Tuning of the saloon.

Preparing vehicles for sporting events in our car service is a profitable investment that is certainly paid for itself on the first race. We will prepare your car to any kind of racing on any track.

Be confident in your car and you will win. We guarantee the quality of all work performed. Thousands of satisfied clients and impeccable reputation is proof of that.

Call us and we will provide you with more information on prices and our service.