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The training to compete in BB – 85kg. For the first time


Hello, reader! The topic, begin a cycle of their training to compete in bobybuilding in the category men 85kg.

184 and remained about a month time. went..

My current form:

Basic information on applying for the competition, which I managed nalcrest and sort through. I would be grateful to adjustments on the part of speakers bodybuilders.

Salt, potassium&magnesium and water

To minimize the techniques of sodium. 1-3 day out of the water as much as possible the distillate. 3-6 day completely removed salt and will not use distilled water.

Be sure to start drinking potassium magnesium tablets. 2 days is limited to the consumption of water ( for 2 days 500ml, 1 day 150) on race day water 100-150 ml only during the buildup in front of the stage). 4 days exclude workout completely.

The last 10 days, with particular emphasis on dose reduction of salt in the diet and increasing potassium intake. 5 times a day I take 100 mg. of potassium / day 500 mg/ empty stomach.

A circuit receiving water from about 8-9 litres per day to 0. Somewhere day 7 – 9-8. Day 6 – 7-6, 5 – day – 5-4, 3-2 fourth day, 3 day or 1 liter, 2 day – of 0.5 liters and a day before the competition 0.150 water.


Cut the carbs. Increase protein to 3 grams per 1kg of body weight.

With charcoal, it will look like

1 week – 150g carbs per day

Week 2 – 100g of carbs a day

3-4 weeks – 30-50g of carbs a day

A large number of vegetables. The main coals to get going from rice and buckwheat.

Non-sweet, flour, fat (Garen.oil). Sweet water retention because of the insulin spike

Animal fats will leave, there will see how that goes. In the last 3 days plan only for the Breasts to be boiled.

Protein – meat and protein eggs

On race day carbohydrate loading – 800-900g rice. In the morning every hour.

From the emphasis on vegetables: cabbage,cucumbers,tomatoes and raw vegetables etc.

The weight optimally be obtained for 7-5 days before the event and pologatsa precisely within the 85kg category.


The last 7-8 days Verospiron – 5 days 1 tablet and Triampur 1-3 days 1 tablet.

Maybe I’ll lower half this value. If I’m to be punctual lead weight in the category.


While carbohydrate loading is to exclude training

Back for the 5 days before going on stage stop shaking.

Up to this point the first 2 weeks – split, the remaining circular sets.

The training time is shortened to 60 minutes.

Cardio 3 times a week for 40 minutes (after weight training)

Number of approaches to exercise 4. Number of repeats 25 times. Only light weights. About 60% of the workers.

Arginine on any permanent basis.

Bredren any – in training, perhaps through one. On the day of the competition to heat up.

BCA – 15-20 grams first 2 weeks. 30-40 in the remaining days before the release.

Pharmacy drug for heart/kidney

Planned competitions.

April 4 – Stavropol

April 18 – Novocherkassk

April 19 – Rostov-on-don

In the fall I tried to Mastitic already (pictured in the center, I), say so. everything on abum came out and didn’t prepare. 13th from 15 took place. Would giving way to professional diplomacy for yourself and go from there most likely 🙂

I will be happy for your comments and advice. Training for me this will still be the first, serious. Information mainly derived from the Internet. I hope there are no catastrophic errors in it, which will destroy all the preparation. Amen.

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