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Training after illness


For people who regularly engaged in physical activities and sports, there is often the problem of resuming training after an illness . During the illness, while You are not feeling well, exercise and do sports have neither the strength nor the desire. Of course, there is a special lightweight gymnastics, have helpful breathing exercises. that may help to solve this problem.

We must not forget that, you need a doctor’s advice . who will advise what kind of workout You fit after illness, based on Your current status. But, in any case, no more or less severe stress should not be.

If You are sick, then Your body is weakened and he is not strong enough to fight infection.

How in that case to be. Must take care of his health and do his best to help his weakened body to quickly defeat the disease. In sport can develop a healthy body. Therefore, direct all power to fight disease and improve immunity. This is Your main task during and immediately after an illness.

We must not forget that severe infectious colds may lead to serious complications. During illness, please use the services of a qualified professional and do not self-medicate.

After recovery, you need to go to the doctor. You must be sure that You can already proceed to the usual workouts. It is known that the task of sport to strengthen the body and not weaken it.

Just skip a few workouts is one thing, but if You are sick, the body loses a lot of strength: significantly weaken the muscles and ligaments, drops sharply endurance. Therefore, special attention should be paid to the gradual but continuous recovery.

Training after illness

After the disease is necessary to spend several lung introductory training (depends on the severity suffered disease). It should be really easy classes. For strength sports, you can work with a small weight or even with a blank fretboard. Those who are interested in fitness, you should work with light loads at the gym. At home you can do gymnastic exercises and warm up with light weights. This applies to all sports. Whether You are wrestling, Boxing, Jogging or tennis — it doesn’t matter. Enough to do a good thorough warm-up, good to warm up all the muscles and ligaments. Forces will start to recover.

Never attempt after an illness immediately to perform the feat and repeat your best achievements.

Remember (!): only a gradual, smooth increase of loads, from very small, will allow the body to quickly and effectively recover their shape. And Vice versa. If You abruptly restart the body, the recovery will go worse, You can get sick again. Even the strongest athletes after injuries or diseases begin with a simple warm-up or with a blank fretboard.

Introductory training is a warm-up load. Again, You need a good warm up all the chords, to drive the blood through the muscles, thereby to activate the energy resources weakened disease organism. Need it (the body) involved in the work. You have to feel it.

It is recommended to conduct classes in a closed jacket or shirt, and immediately put on dry clothes. Notice that the next day You will have a good health and mood .

There are times when introductory training takes too much effort and is quite hard. This signal will serve as the deterioration of health by the end of the workout. Most likely, You haven’t fully recovered. Need to skip a few more days and then try again introductory training.

At each rehabilitation session train the entire body. Need to feel how Your body begins to get down to work. Muscles “come alive” and “asked” to exercise. Do one or two exercises for major-major muscle groups. Enough of 5-6 exercises. Approaches can be 3-4, 10-15 reps. Rest between sets is small. Enough for 1 to 2 minutes, of course depending on condition.

How much should be after disease induction training?

It depends mainly on Your health and the duration of the disease. Will admit, if You are sick 6-8 days, you may need only one recovery workout. If You are sick longer or weakened after illness, it is better to spend 2-3 remedial classes.

Introductory training is conducted through the day. For each class, you must train the entire body with light loads. Each session You can change the exercises or gradually, the feelings, to change the weight, load, number of sets and reps.

After the introductory period, you can start classes at their normal training program. However, in the first week you should not use the weight or load that You used before the disease. A little “back off” and go back the first week on its programme with average weights. And next week, You can try to increase the load and to develop according to its program. Additionally, it is recommended to take vitamin C, eat more fruits, greens, indulge in cocoa, low-fat milk. Good drinks are drinks made of berries.

If the right to “drive” the body after the disease, if you treat it gently, without violence, and to give him the opportunity to gradually restore power, then, I am sure that You will be able to quickly regain their shape and progress further.

I hope You use these simple tips to resume training after illness.