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Features of PHYSICAL training of STUDENTS of Uli Ministry of internal Affairs of RUSSIA – Biological Sciences – Modern


Relevance. Professional activity of employees of internal Affairs (MIA), multifaceted, diverse in its nature and conditions. According to the law «about the Police” each employee is required to be periodically inspected for suitability to actions involving the use of physical force, special means and firearms.

One of the criteria for assessment of professional suitability is physical training. In executing control shooting drills should be guaranteed defeat the purpose and not accidental hit. The marksmanship skills are developed in the result achieved by the correct education, training, constant practice and a fairly high level of physical fitness.

Classes in physical training of students should be made to improve physical fitness, increase functionality, expanding the adaptive capacity of the organism [2,4,5]. The authors think that the tasks of physical training of students – development and improvement of physical and psychological qualities.

The system of physical training of students of limited time frame, so one of the priorities of the teaching staff of the Department of physical training is the search for new, effective methods of increase of level of physical preparedness and functional state of students.

Organization and methods of research. In research took part students of the Ufa law Institute of MIA Russia. The average age of the subjects was 31.8±3.6 years (n=66).

To determine the strength test was used “pulling”, and flexion and extension of hands in push-up position, counts the maximum number of times.

To determine the quality of coordination test “Shuttle run 4*20 meters”.

To determine the speed-power qualities were applied to control exercise – long jump from the place, see

These tests provided Instruction on the organization of physical training of law enforcement officers approved by order of the Ministry of interior of Russia dated 13.12. 12 No. 1025. The period of training consisted of 4 months.

Listeners were divided into two groups – experimental and control.

In the technique of physical training of the experimental group was included the technique of early morning exercise. As a basis for charging the morning came, designed Jogging routes.

Route 1 – with elements of strength exercises (horizontal bars).

Route 2 – with elements of speed-strength exercises (passing the dam, ditch).

Route No. 3 – elements of coordination exercises (the passage of the maze, boom).

Route length was 1500 meters, before running were trained body – General exercises.

In the control group underwent standard morning physical exercises [9].

The level of adaptive capacity of the cardiovascular system was determined using the complex of direct and estimated values. Evaluated the adaptive capacity of the circulatory apparatus (Bayes).