Sports on a diet
So, you train 2 to 3 times a week and eat 3 to 4 times a day. Now, I hope you understand that what you eat is as important as…

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Healthy teeth - healthy organism
  With stomatologia is becoming more popular in our world. Beautiful teeth - a mandatory attribute of a successful person, be it actor and TV presenter or a businessman and…

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The basic principles of successful training

Many stop at 1-2-m years of training with weights. Part of the problem lies in the muscle growth, which volume cannot increase indefinitely. Eventually your body reaches its genetic limit, and only very drastic measures (typically, pharmaceutical properties) can get him to overcome this barrier. However, very few really are approaching this limit. Some simply stop using to stimulate your muscles in new ways. You have to make your body get used to the new exercises and complexes, the greater the weight of the weights

and the different speed of their ascent. In the main program specifically provides for this important aspect, and every week you can enjoy new ways to workout. Once you finish this program, you have to constantly maintain this pace of change sets of exercises.

Principle No. 2 use the best advice, and ignore the rest

How to know how suitable for you particular set of exercises, good or bad a particular Board? There are a few basic principles that will help you to understand this:

If you’re just starting to exercise, perform the exercise should not be too large and intense: 2-3 times per week 8-12 exercises 1-2 approach. Studies have shown that for a beginner there is no difference: run big or small complex — the results will be the same. A small amount of exercise will increase the elasticity of the ligaments and the degree of mobility in the joint with minimal risk of injury. Therefore, if someone offers to do a complex program 4-5 times a week, he just doesn’t know what he’s talking about.

If you want to lose weight, you need to do around the complex, which is aimed at the largest group of muscles located in the lower part of the body. Working out and building these muscles will accelerate your metabolism and will quickly get rid of extra pounds. If you will be doing on complexes that are focused on the study of small groups of muscles, then you will spend much more time with the same result.

Exercise more efficiently and intelligently

The goal of the exercise program is not to make you spend all your free time in the gym. What’s the point to have a strong hand, if you have no time to attach them to the case, for example, to push a neighbor’s car who does not want to wind up, to throw by the laughter of a child, on hands include beautiful woman in the bedroom? In addition, it is unlikely you have a lot of free time: according to statistics, today the average American works a year for 8 hours more than 20 years ago. A reasonable limitation on the duration of training will not only allow you to live a full life, but improve the results of sports. The fact is that the longer you do the exercise, the more catabolic, or debilitating muscle hormones your body produces. This is the natural enemy and the neutralizer anabolic, or building muscle, hormones that are released when lifting weights. The majority of experts considers that the duration of exercise using weights should not exceed 1 hour. If you do not fit into this time period, your complex is made incorrectly: either you are doing too many exercises, or do too many approaches. You will not have this problem during the General education program.

However, after graduating and moving on to other complexes caution: you will know as many exercises that can easily be tempted to run them all at every training session. We offer several ways to help you avoid this. Divide your program into 2, 3 or even 4 workouts. The easiest way to do this is to divide the exercises for the upper and lower parts of the body and to carry out each group once a week (that is to train twice a week). You can engage more intensively, that is to perform three workouts per week (one for back and biceps, one for legs and abdominals, another for the chest, shoulders and triceps) or four workouts per week (one — for your chest and back, the second — for the quads, and the third to the shoulders and arms, the fourth — for hamstrings). Refrain FROM excessive exercise. Some guys perform 3-4 approach 3-4 different exercises, training the same muscle group, which is totally a waste of time and effort. If you intensively have performed one exercise, it makes no sense to continue to work on this muscle in other ways.

Take a break

Once you finally started to notice obvious results of training, the last thing to do is to throw a class and relax for a week or two. Some coaches recommend taking a rest during the week, every month, i.e., three weeks of training and one week of break. When training on this system, the trainers found that, if the body has enough time to recover, lessons prinosjat href=”http://snowboard-shop.EN” style=”text-decoration:none; color:#555555″>much more useful. Conversely, doing without a break for a month, can only be achieved first, of exhaustion, secondly, to get injured, because most of the exercises are based on the repetition of the same movement that overloads and wearing of muscles and joints, and, thirdly, to earn serious fatigue, not only physical but also psychological. The best way to relax from the 6 week program is a week-long pause right after its completion. In addition, there are several ways to recover during the execution of the main program that you can use in the classroom for other complexes.

Every week dedicate to rest one full day.

Exercise with weights no more than 4 times a week (core programme training 2-3 times a week, but some enthusiasts go to the gym for 6 times).

Every 4-8 weeks, or after the completion of each training program, abstain for 7 days from working with weights.

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