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The beneficial properties licorice root
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The foundations and principles of bodybuilding. Development and growths of the muscles. Muscle hunk

In this article I want to tell You about fundamental knowledge, principles of bodybuilding . to be armed with every athlete (from beginner to professional).

The principles of bodybuilding, help in adaptation to stress.

The principle of bodybuilding . sverkhotrazhenie. The idea is: the more gradual loading – the higher the rate of muscle development. The muscles are constantly in need of additional load. If you constantly do the same exercises with the same weight and then the same number of times, the muscles will get used to such a load and no nothing will. But this principle of bodybuilding fair to a certain extent, if the load is too large, it will be observed the opposite effect of “failure to adapt” in some way reverse the growth of muscles. If expressed succinctly, the load must be sufficient to stimulate muscle development.

The principle of bodybuilding: the specificity. This principle is that the body adapts to the load to a greater extent (90%) with the help of the systems that are directly involved in these loads. In other words, you should do a systematic strain on those muscles, you want to pump up. You must have a goal, and that is all strength training needs to be directed at her. Aimed at it should be and nutrition, and drugs, such as growth hormone. which can be easily bought in our store.

The principle of bodybuilding: the reversibility of the action. The essence of the principle lies in the fact that all physical changes are reversible. That is, even after achieving any positive result in building of muscles, there is an inverse process of change for some period of time. After the cessation of physical activity the muscles are not fully recovered, and to a certain condition (the phenomenon of overreduction). But if this state is not supported, then the muscle will return to its original state.

The basics of bodybuilding and its principles.

The principle of positive interaction. The sum of positive results from a complex practice. Then there are exercises that are similar in their effect on the muscles with proper rest give even more positive effect. The basics of bodybuilding say that this effect can be observed in the increase in muscle mass and increased stamina, weight you work with.

The principle of progressive adaptation. This principle implies an understanding of the regenerating work of the body. You, as someone who knows the basics of bodybuilding . ‘t have to worry about recovering muscles, but also tendons, suglobov and cartilage. In addition, the recovery continues not equally fast in different parts of the body. It is also worth considering.

The principle of circularity. The main thing here is to understand that according to the basics of bodybuilding and muscle development and with any combination of diet and exercise is not a phase. That is always the result of some limit at which muscle growth is markedly slowed, but not stopped.