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Healthy teeth – healthy body


1.To teach children to properly care for the oral cavity.

2.To introduce the types of teeth and the construction of the teeth.

3.To nurture a responsible attitude towards their health.

Methods and techniques of work: the word of the master, conversation, practical work.

Equipment: a computer, a layout of the jaw, posters “the Structure of the tooth”, “tooth decay”. Mirror (individual), cards for practical work.

Course of the lesson:

1. Organizational moment.

Greeting. Attitude to class.

– Hello, guys! I want to say again that wonderful word “Hello! Hello!”. And you too often say “Hello!” mom, dad, friends, passers-by and, of course, our guests. (Children turn to face the guests, greet).

– You felt they cheered up? The fact that the word “Hello!” special. When we say it, we not only welcome someone, but we wish him good health. This word has healing power. In this way, as in the word “health” a lot of sounds that give us the energy boost. So be healthy, never get sick.

2. The introductory part.

– Here are 2 sheets and 2 pen (red, black). On one draw a mask to a healthy boy, the other the patient.

– Why is a healthy boy you have drawn in red and the patient is black? What else is the difference?

(Healthy boy Zdravka, cheeks, eyes Shine and he smiles. And the patient – FIRCA sad, ugly).

“Tell me, what does a person need to be healthy; the Bunny to nibble the carrot; the beaver to build a house; the wolf to knock the cold?

– Of course, healthy teeth.

3. The basic part.

– No wonder they say that “Teeth are the mirror of the body”.

– Why do you think?

– Today we will talk about how to care for and protect your teeth.

– Neither the wolf nor the hare, nor the beaver can’t live without teeth. And we? Just think, one tooth was ill. That’s how many we have! Take the mirror and count how many you have teeth. ‘s different for everyone. Because at your age dairy change permanent. As an adult who cares about their teeth-32. And they are all we need. Front sharp. Are used to cut food. The incisors (the Display on the layout. The floor is attached to the Board). Pointy teeth – fangs. They need to break it. Thick, blunt teeth to chew on. They are called indigenous.

The demonstration model of the teeth.

– Show where the incisors, canines and molars.

– Each of your teeth should be protected. This you already know. What is cherish?

(Do not chew nuts, not teeth to open a lemonade, not to get sweets, eat more fruits, vegetables, dairy products, fish).

4. Practical work # 1.

Red emphasize those products that contribute to a healthier teeth. Black – on the contrary.

– What if the person eats a lot of sweets?

Normally in the oral cavity of a person there are a large number of microorganisms. Some types of bacteria upon admission to the mouth of sugar, produce sticky substance.

On the Board record appears:


This forms plaque. Bacteria in plaque produce acid. As the acid begins to destroy the enamel, the protective layer of the tooth. (Show on the table “How to develop caries”). Then begins to decay. Caries growing, there is a cavity – the pain begins. The caries spreads, reaches the pulp – severe pain.

– What to do to avoid this?

Practical work # 2. Work on the computer.

– Put under the pictures of the figures 1,2,3 – showing the sequence of development of caries.

Practical work # 3.

– Fill in the blanks using these words: acid, caries, cavity.

– To avoid this we can be friends with a Tube and a Brush. Who will show you how to properly brush your teeth?

(Display layout). Need to be cleaned in the space of three minutes at the top, bottom, outside, inside.

– Closed his eyes, resting. (Sounds of quiet music). (At this time the teacher leaves the class, wearing a white robe, a hat and holding a dental tool).

6. Pinning is studied in class.

Knock, knock, knock! Hello guys! Did you recognize me? Yes, I am a dentist. Our profession is very ancient. If you translate it from Latin, the language spoken by the ancient Romans, it is subbed, dentist, the dentist.

– You guys forgot the most important thing to come to my office and bring their friends Zdravka and Firco. What? Do not hurt your teeth? So soon hurts. As the dentist treats not only teeth, but also explains what to do to avoid the disease. So you need to visit the office at least 2 times a year. What’s that? Say and already know everything? We will check it out. I ask you questions, and you’re looking on the cards

(Each student a set of cards).

– How many times a day to brush your teeth?

(We brush our teeth twice a day).

“Maybe enough for one time? In the evening no longer want. This is a day to look beautiful, at night no one sees?

– No? Why?

(Are bacteria).

Because laziness?

(And to do so we were not too lazy).

– Some better, some slightly worse cleaned?

(I brush my teeth all in a row).