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Nordic walking stick in his hands – and forward!

Where did the fashion for walking with ski poles? There is a version that in the 1940-ies Finnish skiers wanted to practice and summer. Started walking without skis, but with sticks, so as not to lose proven ski step. In addition, so long ago moved the shepherds and mountaineers, among them sick and almost no fat people.

But really popular Nordic walking, which is also called the Norwegian and Nordic, was only in the 1990s. Then the American scientists have found that this type of loads and cheap, and effective.

To take ski poles, Natalia Avvakumova pushed elementary curiosity. But, deciding to Nordic walking (this is when a person moves without skis, but leaning on a stick), she had no idea what the reaction will encounter out on your first walk. Some of the people not just escorted the woman a puzzled look, but calling after her: “skis And forgot where?” Other ironically asked: “So what works?” Someone just twisted a finger at a temple. And only a few showed a healthy interest.

However, Natalia was able to gather under its banner, many of those same enthusiasts, as it:

— This is the most ordinary people. Among those who have been captivated by this idea, mainly pensioners and those who soon will join their ranks. There are also people who have health problems. To move, not sit at home or just lie in front of the TV on the couch, they come to class, gain health, communicate and find new friends.

Natalie walks with sticks and a half years. Said that after each session, improving mood, there is strength and vitality. In addition, this activity promotes weight loss, normalizes blood pressure.

My friend, walking in the morning with the sticks, too, says that it is not necessary to have home exercise equipment: resistance band, treadmill, after all, it can replace Nordic walking — a simple, low-cost and unobtrusive occupation. And perfect to go for a walk with the whole family.

— Doctors always bribe the types of workouts that people can learn on their own, — not hides the physical therapist Irina sikorska. — In addition to Nordic walking don’t have to buy a special form, for fitness, for example.

And sticks needed to, as the body consumed oxygen — when Nordic walking involves about 90 percent of our muscles, while at usual — only 70. The load is distributed all over the body, you less tired and feel better. It’s a great relief for the spine. And if a man takes a walk without sticks, experiencing the greatest load of knee and hip joints, and shoulder girdle.

By the way, when running the load on the legs more than three times the weight of the body, and when Nordic walking — only 1.8 times. Compared to conventional Nordic walking increases the amplitude of rotation of the vertebrae, which strengthens them and makes them stronger, thus reducing back pain. Another plus: Nordic walking — a perfect simulator for the cardiovascular system.

However, it is important to choose the right stick. For this we need your height multiplied by 0.7 plus or minus 5 centimeters. If the sticks will be slightly higher or lower than needed, while walking will increase the load on the neck and shoulders.

There is another feature, which is true even for healthy people. Sticks to uphold the balance of the person, but if a lot of time to devote Nordic walking on level ground, then the balance begins to lose its perfection, because our body does not use the inherent nature of the physiological mechanisms to sustain them.

Dr. ulterior motive to draw our attention to such workout — it is very physiological. During exercise improves the function of lungs, activates cerebral blood flow, rapidly moving hands and feet. And his chest, the diaphragm and internal organs get easy mechanical massage. Those who regularly engaged in Nordic walking, reduces the level of cholesterol in blood, improves the function of the intestines, normalizes metabolism, toxins faster that overall contributes to the overall rejuvenation of the body. And with sticks because you can not only walk, but also in between doing various exercises.

By the way, Nordic walking can become “good doctor” in atherosclerosis, high blood pressure, coronary heart disease, diseases of spine and joints (this is almost the only exercise, it is useful in diseases of the knee joints). Using this type of physical therapy for patients with prosthetic hip joint in clinics in Germany within a month after the operation returns to the normal rhythm of life.

This training is ideal for nervousness and insomnia, Parkinson’s disease and osteoporosis (it is known that when human bones are gaining calcium). Can safely join the practice and asthmatics.

The Nordic walking is no age limit. Walking with sticks in the fresh air – a great workout for everyone from schoolchildren to pensioners. Just will not just walk on the pavement, and even on the ground, grass, sand and snow. This diversity will allow you to load the body: if a person has any problems with his legs, give a greater load on the hands. Scientists noticed: similar to load our body is more susceptible than Jogging when the joints and the spine are like under pressure.

In Nordic walking, the body spends more than 400 calories, under normal — 280, and when running 400—700 depending on the pace and the weight of the person. In this case, due to the increasing intensity of blood circulation and metabolism extra pounds melt even without diet ” to 3—4 pounds per month. It is clear that to persuade thinner man to walk on the street is much easier than to go to the gym. But will have to train five times a week. For beginners — two or three in a day. While walking with sticks is usually extra inches go with the most problematic areas — the waist and hips. And if you save your own tempo and regularity of practice, nasty fat will slowly disappear.

Contraindications. Nordic walking — a real lifesaver for a number of conditions, but if you have had heart surgery, parents have to forget at least 3″3.5 months. These walks will be banned in acute infectious disease or exacerbation of chronic disease, and when pain. The cores prior to exercise should consult a cardiologist.