Safe running how to avoid Traum
  The three major components of good physical shape when training strength, endurance and flexibility. All three components are equally important in KUDO, but today we talk about flexibility (stretching).…

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The basic principles of successful training
Many stop at 1-2-m years of training with weights. Part of the problem lies in the muscle growth, which volume cannot increase indefinitely. Eventually your body reaches its genetic limit,…

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5 bad advice, why you should not do yoga


1. To see at what distance you from the approaching car when you are going to cross the road, you already habitually turn this way all body. This means that you sit at a computer for 12 hours at least 5 days a week. Congratulations! It means you are respected in society, a person and a professional in his field. Therefore, never do yoga! Otherwise people looking as you’re on the side nonchalantly turn his head, instead of a solid expander body will think that you are a slacker and a loser. Because low back pain is the best proof that you are a lot of work, you are talented and in demand for many years to come.

2. If for many years lunchtime associate your colleagues with the smells of boiled eggs, sandwiches with sausage and instant coffee, is emanating from your Desk, in any case don’t change their habits! Consistency is the sign of stability and confidence! However, in a few years will have to add to the dinner diet five pills for the stomach and liver, but that’s all so, so normal, so what is steam? And in any case do not try to do yoga! Fasting days, vegetarianism and other food perversion is a sign of abnormality. And suddenly you too will cease to be as at all?

3. Mom. Mommy. Maamulka. It is so great to get up at 6 am to cook your favorite kids Breakfast. To resort at 6pm to cook dinner for them. And still today need to hem and faded. And tomorrow the opposite – to sew and posterity. And so the whole week, month, years. All at the altar of the family! It’s so self-sacrificially… in Any case, do not find time for yoga! First, you will write in her egotism – seest case, mom something came up. And secondly, your children will need in the future to repay care for care: coming to you in the hospital to look for good doctors, to pay for expensive drugs. Give the kids this opportunity!

4. Heart rejoices when I see how far ahead the cosmetic industry! Woke up in the morning: good – to remove bags under eyes, concealer pencil – blue circles, Tanasescu – hide selenodont skin, podrochi buried, drops in eyes from redness. And to anybody even in a head will not come that half of night you struggled to fall asleep, and the other half when in sleep not converged balance sheet quarterly report – trying to Wake up from this nightmare. Where does yoga, when burning plan. Well, the nervous system can be sustainable, and suddenly forced to sleep on nails?

5. Everybody knows that yoga practice is weak. Whoever iron in the room didn’t haul, sweat from the weights did not smell! This entertainment exclusively for girls.

And you know, they say when they come in the yoga hall pitching, you can’t do 10% of what guys do? Neither in strength nor in aerobic or stretching because muscle growth is not increasing stamina. No, not heard. And it is not necessary. Never try to do yoga. Men don’t dance and wacky nodes are not wrapped!