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The stages of organizational work on preparation for competitions


Main – Article – Stages of the organizational work on preparation for competitions

The successful conduct of the competition depends largely on careful and thorough preparation. All the prep work can be divided into several stages.

Preparation for competitions to start after the organization conducting them, will adopt the position, which must include: the name of the

competitions; the purpose and tasks; time and place; guide (who organizes and conducts competitions); participating organizations and participants; the deadline for submission of applications (preliminary and final); conditions of the competition and determine the winners.

The main requirement to the regulations of the competitions is that all items should be clearly outlined so as to exclude their different interpretations.

Position are in accordance with the requirements of the applicable rules. It is not only organizational, but also a guidance document, which defines the period of preparation for a competition the direction of education and training. After the approval of the organizing authority provision is mandatory for the participants and the jury.

After the approval of the provisions on competition create the panel of judges, appoint a responsible person from the organization holding the competition, estimate costs on the basis of which the organization conducting the competition, receives cash and valuables. The cost estimate shall indicate the name of competition, date and venue, number of judges, the participants (including non-resident) and the cost of their food, accommodation, travel etc. The estimates also include expenses on rent of premises, decorating the venue, transportation costs, and payment of staff (workers, doctors, nurses).

The position must be known to the participating organizations for 3-4 months prior to the event.

When preparing for competitions create large scale organizational Committee of 5-7 people. In its work plan is to organize activities necessary for successful preparation for a competition and their selection and preparation, competitions, training equipment, equipment, documentation, accommodation of participants, judges, representatives). The organizing Committee greatly attracted to the work of the public asset.

The second, more complex and demanding, the period of preparation for the competition includes the selection and equipment of the competition venue; programming and graphics competitions; preliminary information about the competitions; preparation of posters and posters.

In the selection and equipment of the competition venue, you must consider its compliance with the requirements of the regulations.

Special attention should be paid to the fact that the carpets have been placed so that it was convenient to spectators, participants, coaches and judges. Major international competitions hold for 3-4 carpets. Carpets should be in the thickness of 10 cm If the thickness is smaller, the elasticity must meet the standards defined by the rules. To avoid accidents around the carpet leave free space (2m). The edges of the rug is lined with soft protective stripe width of 120 cm and a thickness equal to the thickness of the carpet.

The diameter of the working part of the carpet when the all-Union and international competitions shall be 9 m.

At carrying out of competitions on two or more between carpets rugs leave the area free of objects and carpeted with a minimum width of 3 m.

Each carpet set the scoreboard, which lists all the actions of the wrestlers, the Deputy chief judge. At the disposal of the judges at the table are two stopwatches.

On the opposite (diagonal) corners of the carpet are two chairs for the corner judges and two flags, red and white colors to indicate the winner. On the carpet there must be a sufficient number of bands of red and white.

To improve the monitoring of fights in the major competitions, the carpet is laid on a hill (height 110 cm, the inclination of the side surface 45°).

If the carpet is laid on the platform and the protective strip around the Mat less than 2 m, in this case the sides of the platform are covered with protective shields. In all cases, the protective strip should be painted in a color different from the color of the carpet.

The place of the competition must comply with sanitary-hygienic requirements (lighting, ventilation, etc.), and also have the required number of changing rooms, a hall for warm-up, spacious room for weighing participants.

Recreation rooms for the athletes and judges must be equipped with soft furniture, and the room needed a rug to warm up.

A snack bar with hot food, tea and drink must work on a schedule agreed with the chief justice (as a rule, since the weighing and before the end of the competition).

All premises where any of the athletes, referees, coaches and representatives, available at the moment from the competition, should be radio-equipped.

It is crucial to prepare the necessary alarm panel, demonstration and billboards, posters, slogans, greetings, fotometria, diplomas, badges, challenge prizes, pennants, etc.

Competition should be ensured duplicating machines, typists, a team of workers in case of repair and dismantling of equipment. In international competitions, in addition, translators are needed with French and English (as well as typewriters with Latin characters).

Feature of wrestling is set out in the terms of daily weighing. This circumstance imposes special requirements to the organization of the competitions of the draw depends on the estimated time certain wrestlers to the Mat. It is desirable that the order of competition was defined so that each participant was able to arrive in a timely manner to the competition and prepare for battle.

During the composition of a judiciary Board, come from the calculation specified in the official rules of the competition.

Before a big competition, the representatives of the organization conducting the competitions, and the chief justice are holding a press conference to explain the situation about upcoming events (goals, objectives, system implementation, the procedure for determining the winner, etc.). During the competition acts press center, issued special bulletins, etc.

In the third stage of the preparation for a competition organized the reception and accommodation of participants; the credentials Committee verifies the documentation provided by the regulations, and prepares the admission of participants to the competition; held the General meeting of participants, coaches, referees and team representatives, the participants get acquainted with the main points of the regulation and the program of the competitions, finally completed the panel of judges.

The reception and accommodation of the participants are members of the organizing Committee and a public asset, and the admission of participants to the competition – the credentials Committee. The credentials Committee consists of the members of the jury who check personal application, personal questionnaire and the documents stipulated in the regulations. On the eve of a competition held a joint meeting of officials and representatives of the teams, which is submitted to the jury, declared the order of competition and the conclusion of the credentials Committee on the admission of participants and clarifies certain provisions of the rules and regulations of the competitions, appointed the time and place of weighing.

Further work is directly in competition. In preparing the program and schedule of the competition we must not forget that athletes and judges can be busy at competitions no more than 6-8 hours a day with a break.

The program of competitions are at the following approximate schedule:

day 1

8.00–9.00 – weighing of participants;

9.00–10.00 – the drawing of lots, preparation of couples for participation in the first round of the competition, the message to program participants and procedure of the fights in the first round;

11.55 – out judges to their seats;

12.00–15.00 – competition;

15.00–17.40 break;

17.40–18.00 – construction of the participants for the parade;

18.00–18.20 – parade of participants and judges. The report parades. Welcoming remarks. The announcement of the opening of the competition. Raising the flag. The national Anthem of the Russian Federation. Ceremonial March of the participants.

18.20–21.30 – continuation of the competition;

21.30–22.00 – sitting jury (it may be conducted jointly with representatives of the teams). Approval of the results of the 1st competition day:

day 2

9.00–9.30 – weighing of participants;

9.30–11.00 – pairing;

11.00–15.00 – continuation of the competition;

15.00–18.00 – break

18.00–21.30 – continuation of the competition;

21.30–22.00 – meeting of the jury. Discussion and approval of the results of the 2nd day of competition.

day 3

9.00–9.30 – weighing of participants

9.30–11.00 – pairing;

11.00–15.00 – continued competition, semifinals;

15.00–18.00 – break;

18.00–20.00 – continued competition, final fight;

20.00–20.10 – summing up. Approval of the results of the 3rd day of the competition;

20.10–21.00 – announcement of the results. The award winners. The lowering of the flag competitions. The parade winners.