Nordic walking stick in his hands – and forward!
Where did the fashion for walking with ski poles? There is a version that in the 1940-ies Finnish skiers wanted to practice and summer. Started walking without skis, but with…

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Breathing exercises Strelnikova exercises for slimming your search engine
  Breathing exercises for weight loss helps to remove fat cells from the body of pesticides, preservatives and other toxins. After all, a special breathing exercise can increase the amount…

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Why do we need physical exercise


Physical exercises are essential for good health and physical condition, to ensure that throughout the life of your body remain flexible and fluid, not thick and shapeless. But what is health and what is the physical condition?

Good health is the absence of diseases.

Good physical condition is a strength, endurance, flexibility.

The definition should be exactly like. And the simpler the definition, the easier it is to understand what we want from their health and physical condition. We often tend to give the following definitions: “I’m not very good health” or “My physical condition is not such that I need and I can achieve”. We attempt to match our individual needs to the way of life that leads, and adapted health and physical condition to some specific situations. The Constitution of the world health organization States: “Health is prosperity in the areas of physical, mental and social and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity”. Bureau of economic recovery gives the following definition: “a Person can be deemed healthy, provided that it maintains social and economic activity, even if he suffers from any disease”.

Similarly, a good physical condition can be defined as appropriate to perform the mental and physical demands of professional activities. So, what should be your physical condition? It shall conform to the requirements of lifestyle that you lead, plus a small reserve, so you could safely cope with their responsibilities in emergency conditions and is not would put you off balance; you must possess strength, stamina and flexibility; the higher the level of your physical condition, the more you can achieve.

Simple short definition given above, are appropriate and you just have to try them for yourself.

Daily calorie intake in the form of food shall be such amount which would suffice only to ensure the renewal of the body, to give him the necessary amount of heat and energy for movements. To lose weight and correct shape, the remaining one third of dietary calories should be used. That is, we must either eat less or expend energy to its surplus is not deposited in the problematic areas of the body, causing more stress to work the heart and lungs. And you can do both: eat less and exercise more, then the results will not be slow to affect the shape of your body and your health.

The principle of balance, that is, the optimal ratio of the components which you use in relation to nutrition, you must also apply in respect of physical exercise. Bigotry and exhausting physical exercise, no matter for what purpose — to correct shape, increase muscle tone, decrease or increase their volume, power development, is as unacceptable as mindless diet. You become obsessed with an obsession that will not bring nothing but depression and frustration.