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What you need to practice yoga.

Of course, novice yogi needed a much more modest set of tools than those already firmly on this path.

For a variety of advanced level exercises, and meditation practice usually acquire special blocks, pads, chairs for meditation, special trims and more. But a beginner it will all be for nothing.

All that you may need: a yoga Mat, a cover for the Mat and comfortable clothes to practice.

Many practice yoga in fitness centers and are shared yoga mats. This is justified, as long as Your classes are random, and You are not sure what yoga is in Your life. If You have realized that yoga is seriously, seriously advise you to purchase your own Mat. And it’s not only in the interests of hygiene (which is also, incidentally, is important). More important is the attitude and mindset. Really relax your mind and body in practice will only own Mat permeated Your offers self-catering accommodation energy accumulated during a lifetime of practice.

Many people think that they will accept a “normal” Mat, most inexpensive, but your. The opinion of the people changes when they try to do on a yoga Mat.

These mats have a “slip” of the surface, which greatly increases the grip Mat with your arms and legs. You can be sure that you’re not “leave” during the difficult asanas, and can concentrate on practice.

1. Dimensions. Length 183 cm-enough for a comfortable practice for most practitioners. If you have a large increase (more than 180 centimeters) or in practices Ashtanga Vinyasa yoga with the icing of the body, I advise you to think about by purchasing a rug length 200-220 cm. Standard width of a yoga Mat – 60 cm is enough for most people. If you have a large build, you can opt for the Mat 80 cm wide. the Optimum thickness of the Mat – 4-5 mm.

2. Material. The environmentally friendly material Mat, unfortunately, not all important. Very cheap mats (500 rubles or less), usually made of dangerous material PVC. It is quite toxic. This yoga Mat is very difficult to dispose of, to the detriment of the earth’s environment. With years of practice you begin to understand that this is important! Most modern manufacturers of quality yoga mats do not use this material, preferring the more high-quality alternatives.Many yoga mats are covered with grease, so they do not stick together during storage. Therefore, the new Mat before practice, it is better to wash with soap or RUB off, otherwise You will be on it to slide.

3. How to care for your yoga Mat? Yoga mats made of PVC durable enough to wash them in the machine. The rest can be cleaned with a damp cloth or alcohol. The main thing — do not wash with soap. Any detergent is absorbed into the yoga Mat and rinse with great difficulty. During intense training impregnated in the Mat soap mixes with the water body, which can roll on the Mat as on ice. For the best tire you can trample on the Mat. Then air dry.

What kind of clothes suitable for yoga?

No synthetics! The first thing that distinguishes clothing to practice yoga – not the color and the cut and fabric composition. It must meet strict requirements to be hygroscopic, be breathable and lightweight. The most preferred unanimously recognized organic cotton, grown without any chemical fertilizers. Synthetics, we believe, is invalid because it interferes with the natural flow of prana.

Select the colour.

Yoga – one of the few practices where the action turns on both the body and the spirit. From whether they are in a state of harmony depends on the success of a practice. High concentration, difficult asanas, breathing exercises are not compatible with the hustle and aggressiveness. So bright, “acid” colors of the clothes are not suitable for yoga. Yes and pants with stripes are better left for other workouts. Here well use pure, natural colors: brown, green, white, and black. The shades reminiscent of tropical forests, vibrant flowers, wet earth after the rain