Mental health depends on the color
  Did you know that the color of the walls of your home, office and indeed of all that surrounds us, is of great importance for life? It affects health,…

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Mental health depends on the color


Did you know that the color of the walls of your home, office and indeed of all that surrounds us, is of great importance for life? It affects health, performance, mood, appetite, and even the number, for example, office romances. Surround yourself with red – and less than a year, you risk to become a professional neurotic with high blood pressure and chronic fatigue syndrome.

Colors that surrounds us has a strong influence on our mood

Since ancient times, people have drawn attention to the fact that the colors of the surrounding world in a special way affects the person. Today it is scientifically confirmed. It is possible to result such example: in studies of experts, it was found that when the air temperature is +15. +17°C. being in the room with a bright yellow or orange walls, a healthy man in a shirt with short sleeves not feel the cold, but at this temperature it is freezing in the room with blue-gray walls.

Contrary to popular belief that blue color and its shades assist concentration and calmness, in winter, these colors can bring people into a state of depression. The shades of blue slow the heart rate, depress breathing, cause the man wants to pupate and to lie dormant”. In the blue office staff more frequently than in the offices of other shades, drink coffee, because the shades of blue help to increase sleepiness. Moreover, workers in blue offices often fattening. All because the shades of blue slow down the metabolism in the body.

Shades of blue “urge” to lie dormant

Even more depressing effect purple color. The most popular misconception about purple is that it stimulates creativity. Nothing of the sort. Purple color evokes a feeling of anxiety and tension, which rather hinders productive thinking.

I doubt you would think the walls of your home or office in red, but even a large number of red objects in the interior can affect the person negatively. Red quickens the heartbeat and respiration, raises blood pressure, resulting in headaches and irritability. Over time, these States simply transformed into anger and aggression. By the way, the conflicts in empty space often inflamed red areas.

While the popular combination of colors red-white-black since ancient times unconsciously perceived as a stimulus to the manifestation of sexual behavior. That’s why companies with such corporate flowers, office romances happen much more often. Bad indoors in large numbers and a bright yellow color. Despite its warm shade, it quickly leads to fatigue as the eyes and the psyche in General. Bright colors in the interior should be carefully dosed.

Bright colors in the interior should be strictly dosed

One of the most favorable colors for the premises is considered to be olive. This is the most natural shade, which increases efficiency, but at the same time contributes to emotional balance. In principle, for any good natural muted colors because they are associated with pleasant memories.

Be sure to sand walls shade is warm enough and not an irritant, promotes a sense of comfort and at the same time not distracting. A good marine blue-green, evoking the feeling of tranquility. In addition, it helps to concentrate and focus on work. And instead of screaming red better to use a pale coral color in small quantities, it also gently stimulates efficiency and creates a feeling of warmth.

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