Why do we need physical exercise
  Physical exercises are essential for good health and physical condition, to ensure that throughout the life of your body remain flexible and fluid, not thick and shapeless. But what…

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The benefits of swimming for data
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Why need exercise


We need to love my body. Of course, we should not set ourselves the task to mold on your belly all the classic “cubes”, biceps and triceps in order to resemble the statue of antiquity. In the concept of “love” in relation to his body is his right (i.e. body) feeding, about which we spoke above, moderate load (if you’re young – you should fall in love), and change in


What do they need? One diet enough to lose weight, many people think. Unfortunately, or fortunately, to lose fat, sitting on a cut diet is very difficult. Besides, to keep lost without at least a small bit of physical activity almost impossible. They normalize lipid profile, blood pressure, reduce the risk of osteoporosis, and diabetes mellitus type 2 increases insulin sensitivity, reduces abdominal obesity and improves glycemic control.

As was found in the research process, in which Prynne and little by 21 thousand patients a more complete and competitive, the cardiovascular system was much better than skinny and untrained. So it became clear that the tolerance to physical exercise and obesity are two totally different CVD risk factors.

In addition, they contribute to the transition of fat mass into muscle, but again almost no weight loss. Therefore, it is necessary to strike a balance between diet and exercise. To lose a little weight without dieting, a person need to pass about 35 miles a week, which is equal to 56 km; it is for the same week with the same caloric content of food eaten will allow him to lose weight by 0.5 kg. Agree that it is much easier to cut diet at 500 calories and achieve the same result. So, by themselves, physical activity is not so much need to lose weight, how to maintain in the form of a cardiovascular system.

And not to mention that exercise improves mood and give a sense of muscular joy.

It follows that adequate physical activity is the only way to not only lose weight but also become healthier really. So the next question is Physical activity? “What is it?” – logical question of modern man. Because we have a completely passive way of life. Viva, PC! All our hopes, aspirations, communication is lost in social networks. All our work is “do you own a computer?” All of our entertainment – adults and children play games. Racing, strategy, to kill a mammoth or to open a restaurant – all of our needs we implement in the fictional world of games. Many and earn money in the major online games there and its a tote.

So how do you start these exercise? Even the young body shudder, if we demand from him to start walking 5 miles a day and abandon the car. It is therefore important to set realistic goals! And not to start swinging for an hour a day to a day to quit – because it’s impossible! You won’t even be able to get up for work – you’d get delayed onset muscle soreness. And You curse their attempts to normalize weight, your doctor and reaches for a piece of cake.

How do correctly?

The first commandment when incorporating physical activity into the program is a survey. Evaluation of age, BMI, blood pressure, comorbidities – this is the minimum necessary. We all tend to exaggerate their capabilities – and this is key to the prosperity of mankind in General. We are trying all new things by trial and error, but in this case Your health is not a field for experimentation. Earlier, in the era of 70-80s of the last century, was the fashion for Jogging. About this kind even said “Run from a heart attack”. Later he added “Or run to the heart attack?” – dazzled the headlines. Many due to this fashion began to run in the morning, not great given the initial state of the traveling body than and achieved the opposite effect. Why not take your time for testing, before you start training.

The second principle is a slow start. Perhaps You are 25, and You tend to think your body is absolutely reliable. Or You are 40, but in your youth you were doing on the basketball team (“the old guard does not surrender,” right?). All this leads to the misconception that you can take more load. In fact, it’s a little different. Detraining (i.e., the absence of habituation to physical stress) occurs quickly enough even professional athletes in the absence of training, but if the body is even no experience, we will quickly appear weakness, sweating and a feeling of lack of air. So start slow, as if You were confident in your body. Our ancestors sensibly said “slow and steady wins the race”.

The third principle is to be patient. Your task is for the inconveniences that you will have to endure to go even half an hour due to bad weather, cold and slush, to see the result. As with diet, we should know what we are fighting for, to see your ideal, healthy body, and toward him to walk confidently.