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The beneficial properties licorice root


This natural product is known to physicians over a thousand years. Licorice root is not once mentioned in ancient Chinese treatises. In European medicine it came in the Middle ages and firmly established not only in the recipes of traditional healers, but also in various medicines occupational medicine.

Features and distribution of licorice

Licorice is a perennial herbal plant that has a large rhizome and can

reach a height of 1.5 meters. Its leaves have an oblong shape, and assembled in the brush colors – purple color. Fruit licorice – brown leathery pods. This plant blooms from may to July, seeds ripen in late summer.

This plant has a wide distribution: it can be found in Central Asia, Europe, America, Australia. As for Russia and surrounding her territories, licorice grows in the Crimea, Zaporozhye, Ukraine, Azov sea, in the South of the Russian plain, etc. it is most Often thickets can be found in the floodplains of rivers, clay and sandy coastal areas and places where a lot of sun.

Benefits of licorice root

The content in this plant potassium and calcium salts, and glycyrrhizinic linereceived acids, and many vitamins and minerals, licorice has incredibly broad application in medicine. By the way, this plant is about 50 times sweeter than sugar.

Licorice has good anti-inflammatory, antiallergic and antihistaminic action, through which you can regulate the water-salt metabolism of the body. Regular consumption of this plant as food strengthens the immune and nervous systems, and will have a wonderful restorative effect. About the benefits licorice root, written a lot, but among the most important properties of the product specialists call a beneficial effect on the nervous system of the child. Also, the plant is often used as a good antidepressant.

The therapeutic effect of licorice noticeable due to antispasmodic effects. Quite often the product is used as urine and bile, and enveloping means. Licorice is able to soften the throat when coughing, and also inhibits the growing of the tumor. It has antiviral, antibacterial and anti-toxic effect. In addition, the plant helps to restore the normal functioning of the stomach and to bring strength to the body.

Licorice root is almost a miracle cure for the treatment of diseases of the respiratory tract, and ulcerative diseases of the stomach, chronic diseases of the liver and biliary tract. He is able to reduce the effects of poisoning, radiation poisoning, and to assist in addressing childhood obesity.

Licorice in pregnancy

During pregnancy a woman’s body is characterized by the fact that he quite often rebuilt, causing a decrease in the protective function of the immune system. This is why pregnant women are prone to different diseases. Before starting any treatment it is incredibly important to read carefully the instruction, which must be spelled out all the contraindications. It’s no secret that the use of medicines during pregnancy is highly undesirable. That is why in such cases a real salvation for pregnant would be the use of herbs that can replace the standard drug.

As we have said, licorice root helps to effectively get rid of the cough. Therefore, it can be recommended to pregnant women. However, this natural product is quite a powerful tool and is often included in liver contraindicated drugs during pregnancy. So if you are expecting a baby and accidentally caught a cold, before using licorice root to get rid of sore throat and cough, please consult your physician.

Licorice root for kids

Licorice root for children – a topic for another conversation. This natural product is particularly well helps constipation and colitis, and also it is recommended in case of poisoning, diseases of the biliary tract and liver. Licorice is effective for the treatment of bronchial asthma and cough.

Often this root is recommended for skin diseases. But remember: licorice is a strong allergen, and before using it to treat lesions of the skin of the child should try the product on a small area, otherwise you can provoke the deterioration of the baby. After all the necessary Allergy tests, you can start the use of the drug. For this purpose a cotton swab to apply the decoction on the elbows of the baby. Only under the condition that within a few hours of redness does not appear, you can begin to enter the licorice for the kids in the water. If inadequate response, the dose can be increased.

For children you can brew a special tea from licorice. To do this, the rhizome of a plant, pour boiling water, and you can also prepare a tincture from the plant or a special broth.

Recipes with licorice root

Licorice root is used for making decoctions, tinctures, extracts, powders and other types of funds that are used to combat various diseases. If you do not want to buy it at the pharmacy, to prepare the licorice root itself: it dug in late autumn, then cleaned and dried in the sun.

A decoction of licorice root

licorice root – 10 g

boiling water – 1 Cup

Licorice root crushed, then pour boiling water, cover and keep in a water bath for 20 minutes. After this decoction should at least insist hour, strain and drink 1 tbsp. spoon 5 times a day.

The juice gastritis and ulcer (2-3 hours)

the juice of licorice root – 1 g

hot water – ½ Cup

To dilute the juice with water, drink warm.

Tea for cough

licorice root – 20 g

rosehip – 10 g

Iceland moss – 10 g

plantain leaves – 10 g

Contraindications licorice

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