Sports on a diet
So, you train 2 to 3 times a week and eat 3 to 4 times a day. Now, I hope you understand that what you eat is as important as…

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The training to compete in BB - 85kg. For the first time
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Fitness as a way zhizni


Unfortunately, active fitness enthusiasts less than those who is indifferent to him. Quite a lot of patients 40 to 50 years, who not only suffer from osteoarthritis, but also from seriously threatening the health of the cardiovascular disease are not exercising.

Medical advice may enable us to survive longer than a caveman, but who rejoices in the last 10-15 years? Only truly healthy.

How about others? Daily stress together with habit incorrectly to eat causes

the body to develop a high level of “bad” cholesterol. Over time is a logical result: high blood pressure caused by clogged arteries. Add in Smoking and obesity. and the challenges are there. This way of life can lead not only to a heart attack or stroke, but also destroys your joints and drastically affect the tone of the muscles, resulting in a loss of coordination that reduces the body’s ability to rest tired muscles.

Exercise is a great tonic for improving cardiovascular system and joint health, when they are performed correctly and in the right quantity. In addition, strengthening and maintaining muscles, tendons and ligaments of the joint increase your level ALIT (alpha-high density lipoproteins), the “good” cholesterol, which in turn reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease.

Due to this the body produces the hormone endorphin to maintain good health and mechanical drains waste from the synovial fluid, supplying it with nutrients (unlike other body tissues, cartilage has no blood vessels, and therefore, it depends on the pressure, which cleans and revives him).

When a doctor tells patients about the benefits of exercise, many people agree, but claim that they don’t have enough time for exercise in their busy business life. Others would like to play sports, but not very well informed, what is a good physical condition. They think they can stay in shape, playing Golf or tennis in the summer and skiing in winter. Tennis, skiing, Golf can be enjoyed for fun, but they have no relation to maintaining good physical condition.

Cycling, swimming. skiing cross country, race walking. Hiking – these sports will lead you to a good physical shape. It may sound corny, but they actually protect from impact. Only unemotional, with a uniform load sports will allow you to achieve the requirements of the American Association for cardio-vascular system to maintain good form:

with a certain load to bring your heart rate to the level of 180 BPM minus your age. The load to leave the same for 30 minutes;

during a certain period of time, at least 60 minutes per session, including warm-up and relaxation: ideally, the class should include exercises and more stretching, making the total time about 2 hours;

the number of sessions is not less than 3 times a week. Otherwise you will not achieve the required result.

No competing sport with a ball or skiing will give you a solid level of cardiovascular activity. This increase in the speed of movements, which can cause your heart rate to the optimum level, but the pulse will not be able to remain constant for 30 minutes.

The doctor does not want to be the person that spoils your fun. You may have a passion for these sports. The main question that you should be prepared for these sports to reduce the risk of serious injury, if you decide to do them or other species.

Think about the sport, about how the “accident insurance”, which you get by doing your favourite sports. Do all that physical culture and sports have become the basis of your life. Your joints, your heart will thank you.