The foundations and principles of bodybuilding. Development and growths of the muscles. Muscle hunk
In this article I want to tell You about fundamental knowledge, principles of bodybuilding . to be armed with every athlete (from beginner to professional). The principles of bodybuilding, help…

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Breathing exercises - the Most interesting blogs
Stand up straight. Relax. Breathe in deeply and hold your breath for 2-5 seconds. Then slowly exhale. End-expiratory breath hold at the same time. Repeat the exercise up to 10…

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Preparing for cross-campaign (schools competitions tourism training)

Personal equipment:

-clothes for work on the stages that cover the elbows and knees (mandatory!)

-helmet with LANYARD(thin rope, attached to the helmet at one end, to the upper binding-others)


-2 the prussik. (no extra knots!)

the stirrup

-carbines not less than 5 PCs, eight

-working gloves. With no holes. brand new gloves sand wiped to holes within 2-3 working off stage. Safety mitts too. You need to take stock, to the 4th stage on the slope of gloves from active participants some scraps left. (Added Sasha Ukladova). Spare Gloves may escort to wear and to give as needed. And gloves lose.


-cell phone(for stage orienteering, charged, pokormleny money)

-wrist watch – not necessary, but convenient. if there is take.

– pencils – not only the maintainer is still necessary for the application of KP on the orientation (Added Maria Chistyakova)


– rope core (Qty – class)

– rope auxiliary (for stretcher 8-mmh m, repici for linkage of poles and etc.)

– double Pruss or loop of narrow “the Dyneema line”

video single and/or double

– the ascends (shanty)

loop stations

– procrastination

– something else from the glands, type of cats, FIF collected machines (pulley blocks) for class A.

– backpacks for shipping 3pcs (any small backpack 20-50 liters, which is not a pity. Ideal city, it is advisable not to zip. Speleological TRANS is another option). To attend to the loop of the lanyard for them ideally.

bags for the earth(where you’ll pour ground-control your weight. Suitable plastic bags, only solid, or water bottles.

– Expander – elastic band with hooks on the ends. Not necessarily. Allows you to conveniently carry rope on itself(on the traverse, rappelling). As we will show you how it’s done.

– Scotch – tape him room

– Duct tape – rope to mark, fasten carbines etc 1 roll thin.

– Pencils/pens/more sheets of paper to write accompanying penalties, protests and walkthrough notes the team stages. Still the maintainer is convenient to have a Position and describe the stages of the consultation team. Print from here

– Radio

– Print out conditions, descriptions of the stages for the captain.

– APPLICATION name – to take a few forms.

The Sabbath command can transfer all the equipment the team on Sunday. So the kit is only needed on one team.

Captains must check the availability of the necessary personal equipment at their team.

You should also distribute the products and bivouac gear, considering the day and time of arrival of the participant. I.e. on Thursday got to send and to receive confirmation from each:

when are they going to be in so much in place that takes food/gears, do you know what day and what time it starts, the team, etc.

The maintainer is a very helpful assistant for watering/feeding team, tips, in which case go for something to carry the card commands to remember and record fines.

Add The Ani Ovcharovo:

“this weekend (23-24 may 2009) were in Polushkina.

Unfortunately, the first thing that catches the eye is not impassable and widespread mucky from the rains, but a real waste. Forest _ochen_ dirty. Bonfire full of cans, bottles and other things.

On only one small Parking lot we collected three bags of trash.

I know that MSU is removed, you know. Our meadow was relatively cleaner than other places. So what.

It would be great to add to the list of equipment garbage bags and spend 15 minutes on a little walk with the sword”.

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