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Safe running how to avoid Traum


The three major components of good physical shape when training strength, endurance and flexibility. All three components are equally important in KUDO, but today we talk about flexibility (stretching).

What is this mysterious word flexibility, which raves, probably a big part of practicing or intending to do so. Flexibility is the ability of your own joint freely, without effort to move on its amplitude (trajectory). The consequence of a good stretch as the action is flexibility. Common sense suggests that the better the stretch, the less sprains of ligaments

and muscles. Flexibility depends on the anatomical structure of the joints, elasticity of muscles and ligaments, muscle tone, overall functional state of the organism and the external environment in which the training session.

When planning lessons experienced coach considers the following factors:

Usually up to 8 – 9 am reduced flexibility, but training for its development at this time is very effective(!). In cold weather, when the cooling of the body, flexibility is reduced, when the temperature of the external environment, after warm-up – increases. Fatigue reduces active flexibility, but may contribute to the manifestation of passive.

Depends on flexibility and the age: the mobility of large parts of the body is increased from 7 to 13 – 14 years and stabilized to 16 – 17 years, and then begins to decline. However, if after 13 to 14 years of age do not perform stretching exercises, flexibility may start to decline as early as adolescence. Conversely, even at the age of 35 to 40 years, after regular practice, flexibility increases and may even exceed the level that was in younger years.

Core tip: whenever you stretch, you should never stretch cold muscles. The usual recommendation is to workout more than 5 minutes with a light load (e.g. running). This is sufficient for raising the temperature of the body. The consistency of cold muscles like frozen toffee, warm-up reduces the viscosity and promotes effective and safe stretching.

Twine – the element in which the athlete spreads her legs, forming them in a straight line. In exercises splits are of two types: longitudinal and transverse. Forward split is when one leg is ahead and the other behind. This kind of twine is more simple in execution. Side splits is when the legs are spread apart. This kind of twine is harder to implement, to achieve the total transverse stretch marks is not easy.

In any case do not believe the words that stretch for the splits you make throughout the day or week, all this profanity. KUDO like a good gymnastics, with consistently proper systematic approach, will help to stretch available for twine, again if you need it.

If you don’t have a natural stretching of muscles and ligaments, which does not require special muscular effort, in order to take full splits required training. With a serious approach to this issue, regular training and perseverance, you can achieve confident of landing the splits in 1-2 months, depending on your abilities. Stretching develops gradually, it prevents sudden forceful movements, everything should be gently, smoothly and steadily. Haste and excessive force will interfere with you to achieve your goals, you can only damage your muscles or getting injured ligaments.

When you run the twine involves not only the legs, when this element involves the inner thighs, the flexibility of the pelvis, joints, ligaments, trained back. We must remember that to start stretching when your muscles are warmed up. To reheat them when you perform some sit-UPS, tilts and swings down, you can rotate the pedals of the exercise bike. Only after preliminary warming up of muscles, you can begin stretching exercises.

Perform consistently the following exercises, and the result will not keep itself waiting.

1. Squat down on one knee into a squat, the second leg straighten and move to the side, to perform low rifts from foot to foot at least 10 times. Do the exercise slowly and steadily.

2. Sitting on the floor, legs apart to the sides at right angles. Make the slopes turns to the right and left leg. In this case do not arch your back, try as closely as possible to cling to the leg.

3. Lying on your back, spread your legs apart, knees straight, let the power of gravity, breeding them as low as possible. Stay in that position, trying to make the angle between the straight legs as much as possible. Each stretch should be kept for at least 30 seconds, gradually increasing the time to 2 minutes.

4. Stand on the left knee. Focus on your right leg, simultaneously left leg trying to take back as far as possible. Then change legs, repeat the exercise. Do this at least 10 times. Don’t forget: slow!

5. Sit on the floor, bend your legs at the knees and spread them apart, knees trying to get closer to the floor, you can stretch them with your hands. Feet have toes connect tightly to one another. Apply pressure with his hands on his knees, trying to push them to the floor. Do not make sudden movements, gradually increase your activity.

6. This exercise should be done in the final stage. Take a pose from which sit in splits: one leg in front, the other at the rear. Gradually descend lower and lower, podstrahovyvaya himself with his hands. Not once you get down to the floor. Your task is to gradually reduce the distance, increasing the stretch. As a result, you will sit on a longitudinal splits!

7. The same thing with a transverse split. Spread the legs out to the sides. Gradually go down below. Don’t forget to insure hands. At the first attempt, at once deeply you will not fall, therefore, to avoid injury, use two stable stools to lean on his hands. “Ratesrates” legs wider until under its own weight will not feel a noticeable tension in the muscles. Need to lock in that position for a while until you get tired. From lesson to lesson, increase the planting depth. If you succeed, you will feel the strength to develop stretch further, when landing in splits, you can put under the heel of a subject increases the angle of twine. The higher the object, the stronger the stretch.

8. It is also very effective exercise when You make turns from left-cross twine in right and back! Do the exercise slowly. trying high to climb in a turn. These turns need to do 10-20 repetitions.

All of these exercises and many others(performed in pairs) in tandem with the specific elements used during the training in KUDO.