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Healthy teeth – healthy organism


With stomatologia is becoming more popular in our world. Beautiful teeth – a mandatory attribute of a successful person, be it actor and TV presenter or a businessman and a doctor. Wonders whether someone why? This is not a fad, but a deep psychological installation. Since ancient times, the health of people and animals was assessed according to the condition of the teeth. The absence of any problems in the oral cavity always talked about good health. And for good reason.

Mysterious odontogenic infection

Everything in the mouth is accompanied by an infectious process – the so-called odontogenic infection.

It can be acute – such it is impossible not to notice, she will be accompanied by pain, swelling, fever, and the patient will inevitably go to the doctor. So, it can be directly as dental problems, and spread outside of the teeth and gums inflammation – odontogenic abscess, odontogenic sinusitis (inflammation in the nasal sinus), odontogenic osteomyelitis (inflammation of bone) and even sepsis (blood poisoning).

In the case of such diseases adding “odontogenic” means that the infection does not immediately appear, for example, sinus surgery, and first appeared in the tooth or around it, but was not noticed, or not noticed, so it extends further out beyond the mouth, and provoked the development of the disease in another organ – the nose.

Sometimes, caries, or pulpitis made to feel so that people ask for urgent help with pain in the chest or stomach, when there is reason to suspect a myocardial infarction or appendicitis, and only after examination it turns out that the culprit tooth.

But most of odontogenic infection is chronic, when in the oral cavity is untreated (and sometimes unnoticed) caries, gingivitis, gingival pockets, painful reactions to dentures. In such situations in the oral cavity is constantly reproduce pathogenic microbes of different groups, including putrid, often insensitive or low-sensitive to many antibiotics. Their livelihoods are not unaffected person is constantly secreted toxins disrupt the immune system, autonomic nervous system, affect many organs and systems.

So, chronic odontogenic infection can be the reason (or one reason) development of allergies, frequent colds, rheumatic fever, myocarditis, hemorrhagic vasculitis (inflammation of small blood vessels with frequent bruising), atherosclerosis, neuritis (nerve inflammation), Hodgkin’s disease, skin diseases, conjunctivitis. of chronic fatigue syndrome.

It is not surprising that any good doctor will ask the patient regularly whether he visits the dentist. For the treatment of any condition is important not only to eliminate the symptoms, how to get rid of the cause of the disease. Therefore, treatment of arthritis or allergies will be long and ineffective if the cause was a chronic infection in the oral cavity, which is never eliminated.

Regular preventive visits, treatment of dental diseases, a visit to a dental hygienist and compliance with recommendations for oral care are necessary for every person. Simple dental care helps to avoid many health problems.