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Giovanni was impressed and orders them back to their headquarters in Kanto. She also wears a large, light pink ribbon at the back of her dress with its sash hanging loose on each side and a white and fluffy extended collar on her dress. As a child, her foster mother her real mother in the dub made sushi out of snow, giving her a fondness for eating it. But after Operation Tempest is thwarted by Ash and the group she returns to her old personality. She later performed again with Serena and Shauna at a performance exhibition during the rebuilding of Lumiose City. Her main goal was to be Kalos Queen like Aria and take over the Kalos region.

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This disguise is usually worn when she's competing in contests with her Dustox.

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'Pokemon': Remember When James Got Jessie Pregnant?

Jessie and Meowth tackle their boss to save his life and Giovanni regains control of himself. The saggy skirt is long enough to reach her feet. Jessie and Meowth cry for James. When they encounter villains opposed to their personal or organizational goals, the three are usually more than willing to sabotage the evil team, even to the point of assisting Ash and his allies when they finally recognize the threat.

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