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love and passion tumblr
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Dengan setengah berlari dia segera menuju ke pintu gerbang Hogwarts. Impulse of yours Is taking us high Making me scream, Losing the sight. Love ends with Forgiveness. One last readjustment of my goggles and I bend my knees, leaning slightly back getting into my stance, ready to see new things and be able to execute split-second decisions along this new run. I stretch my arms out like a eagle invigorated at how effortless and beautiful this top section of the run is! Adakah teman-temannya yang bertemu dengannya sebelum dia menghilang?

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Lagipula kau yang salah, Greengrass!

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Heather. Age: 29.
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The Lessons in Departures

Selama beberapa saat keheningan menyertai mereka. You know, you never failed to make me realize how good life is, and you helped me out of my worries, fears, and even anger. Dia tidak bermaksud untuk membentak Hermione, dia hanya ingin manyudahi permasalahan ini. The silence fits perfect with the weather, the view, and the crisp air.

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