Swimming for the expectant mother risk or benefit
The role of swimming for the General physical condition of the person is difficult to overestimate. But whether or not to go swimming for pregnant women, because the expectant mother…

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The foundations and principles of bodybuilding. Development and growths of the muscles. Muscle hunk
In this article I want to tell You about fundamental knowledge, principles of bodybuilding . to be armed with every athlete (from beginner to professional). The principles of bodybuilding, help…

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Develop endurance in basketball


The content

Introduction 3

Chapter 1. Literature review 5

1.1 brief description of the game “basketball”. Physiological characteristics of basketball players 5

1.2 the Essence of physical preparation of sportsmen of 8

2.1 Goals, objectives and methods of research. 41

2.2 Organization of the study. 42

2.3 Pedagogical experiment 43

Chapter 3. Experimental study of development of endurance in basketball 45

Conclusion 50

List of references 51


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Possible for a Christian to practice yoga

QUESTION . I understand that yoga in any form to us, people of faith, hurts, but when I run into people who are doing exercises with elements of yoga, they say that this yoga is quite different, “safe”. Please explain why Christians cannot be involved in anything like this?

ANSWER: it is Not possible to be a true Christian and follow a false doctrine or a specific practice of this doctrine. Any man is a worshipper of the true God and has the grace from Him, or he acts, violating the commandments of God, and receives in his life a recompense for it. The

Bible warns us: “the Lord your God, fear, and Him only shalt thou serve, and to Him thou shalt fear. Do not follow other gods, the gods of the peoples around you; for the Lord thy God Which is among you, is a jealous God; lest ignited the anger of the Lordthy God, to thee. “(Deut. 6:13-15). Continue reading

The training to compete in BB – 85kg. For the first time


Hello, reader! The topic, begin a cycle of their training to compete in bobybuilding in the category men 85kg.

184 and remained about a month time. went..

My current form:

Basic information on applying for the competition, which I managed nalcrest and sort through. I would be grateful to adjustments on the part of speakers bodybuilders.

Salt, potassium&magnesium and water

To minimize the techniques of sodium. 1-3 day out of the water as much as possible the distillate. 3-6 day completely removed salt and will not use distilled water.

Be sure to start drinking potassium magnesium tablets. 2 days is limited to the consumption of water ( for 2 days 500ml, 1 day 150) on race day water 100-150 ml only during the buildup in front of the stage). 4 days exclude workout completely.

The last 10 days, with particular emphasis on dose reduction of salt in the diet and increasing potassium intake. 5 times a day I take 100 mg. of potassium / day 500 mg/ empty Continue reading