Healthy teeth - healthy organism
  With stomatologia is becoming more popular in our world. Beautiful teeth - a mandatory attribute of a successful person, be it actor and TV presenter or a businessman and…

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Mental health depends on the color
  Did you know that the color of the walls of your home, office and indeed of all that surrounds us, is of great importance for life? It affects health,…

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The training to compete in BB – 85kg. For the first time


Hello, reader! The topic, begin a cycle of their training to compete in bobybuilding in the category men 85kg.

184 and remained about a month time. went..

My current form:

Basic information on applying for the competition, which I managed nalcrest and sort through. I would be grateful to adjustments on the part of speakers bodybuilders.

Salt, potassium&magnesium and water

To minimize the techniques of sodium. 1-3 day out of the water as much as possible the distillate. 3-6 day completely removed salt and will not use distilled water.

Be sure to start drinking potassium magnesium tablets. 2 days is limited to the consumption of water ( for 2 days 500ml, 1 day 150) on race day water 100-150 ml only during the buildup in front of the stage). 4 days exclude workout completely.

The last 10 days, with particular emphasis on dose reduction of salt in the diet and increasing potassium intake. 5 times a day I take 100 mg. of potassium / day 500 mg/ empty Continue reading

The foundations and principles of bodybuilding. Development and growths of the muscles. Muscle hunk

In this article I want to tell You about fundamental knowledge, principles of bodybuilding . to be armed with every athlete (from beginner to professional).

The principles of bodybuilding, help in adaptation to stress.

The principle of bodybuilding . sverkhotrazhenie. The idea is: the more gradual loading – the higher the rate of muscle development. The muscles are constantly in need of additional load. If you constantly do the same exercises with the same weight and then the same number of times, the muscles will get used to such a load and no nothing will. But this principle of bodybuilding fair to a certain extent, if the load is too large, it will be observed the opposite effect of “failure to adapt” in some way reverse the growth of muscles. If expressed succinctly, the load must be sufficient to stimulate muscle development.

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Physical activity in diabetes. Calculate heart rate


The role of physical activity (within reason) it is difficult to overestimate for normal functioning of the body (both healthy and sick). Studies have shown that exercise is more effective in reducing the risk of developing diabetes than the diet, and in combination with diet the risk of diabetes type 2 diabetes is reduced by 60%.

In diabetic patients during (and after) physical activity increases glucose utilization in muscles, which reduces blood sugar. As a result of this reduced (or cancelled) the use of glucose-lowering drugs. However, to

approach to increasing physical activity should carefully. It is recommended to consult with your doctor and assess the possible options loads. Necessarily it is necessary to adequately assess the condition of the cardiovascular system of the patient. Patient Continue reading