Healthy teeth - healthy body
  1.To teach children to properly care for the oral cavity. 2.To introduce the types of teeth and the construction of the teeth. 3.To nurture a responsible attitude towards their…

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Sweating during exercise is a natural or unnatural process
  Sweating during any type of physical activity is the normal activity of the body, which loses its fluid due to the fact that any intense, increased physical work associated…

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21 best fitness site for active lifestyles


Everyone knows that the Internet is one of the best and most available sources of information for any sphere of life. If you want to lose weight, get rid of diseases and to make a beautiful figure, your faithful helpers will be sites devoted to the topic of sports and fitness. I want to offer you a list, which included 21, in my opinion, the best fitness site for those who lead an active lifestyle or plans to soon go to him.

Why «fitness» website?

Usually people have “no clue” believe that fitness is a kind of gymnastics for women. Actually fitness is not a specific athletic or sporting Continue reading

Fit-Girl Anna Microjava about running


New section Fit-Girl — about girls who are deeply addicted to any kind of sport and are willing to talk about their passion so that we also wanted.

the blogs and who enjoys running. Personally, I’m kind of a fan — because Anya very sincerely shares everything that happens to her and what she thinks about running — so that ceases to seem and that you are the one who has some problems, and that is the running — it’s something complicated.

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The stages of organizational work on preparation for competitions


Main – Article – Stages of the organizational work on preparation for competitions

The successful conduct of the competition depends largely on careful and thorough preparation. All the prep work can be divided into several stages.

Preparation for competitions to start after the organization conducting them, will adopt the position, which must include: the name of the

competitions; the purpose and tasks; time and place; guide (who organizes and conducts competitions); participating organizations and participants; the deadline for submission of applications (preliminary and final); conditions of the competition and determine the winners.

The main requirement to the regulations of the competitions is that all items should be clearly outlined so as to exclude their different interpretations.

Position are in accordance with the requirements of the applicable rules. It is not only organizational, but also a guidance document, which defines the period Continue reading