Training after illness
  For people who regularly engaged in physical activities and sports, there is often the problem of resuming training after an illness . During the illness, while You are not…

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Sweating during exercise is a natural or unnatural process
  Sweating during any type of physical activity is the normal activity of the body, which loses its fluid due to the fact that any intense, increased physical work associated…

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How to choose a trainer for doma


The simulator is a training device that is used to maintain physical fitness and combat obesity. Simulators to practice at home should be of high quality and easy to operate.

Choosing fitness equipment for home, one must first define its purpose:

to lose a few pounds;

for the correction;

for rehabilitation after injuries etc.

Usually, there are two main types, radically different from each other: cardio and strength training. The last type is designed to build muscle and training of individual muscle groups. Cardio use to lose a few extra pounds, tone up, improve health.

Consider the main types of the equipment for slimming, it is advisable to purchase for the home.


This type is considered one of the most simple and effective. This is because such an exercise as running:

burns extra calories;

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Nordic walking stick in his hands – and forward!

Where did the fashion for walking with ski poles? There is a version that in the 1940-ies Finnish skiers wanted to practice and summer. Started walking without skis, but with sticks, so as not to lose proven ski step. In addition, so long ago moved the shepherds and mountaineers, among them sick and almost no fat people.

But really popular Nordic walking, which is also called the Norwegian and Nordic, was only in the 1990s. Then the American scientists have found that this type of loads and cheap, and effective.

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Fitness as a way zhizni


Unfortunately, active fitness enthusiasts less than those who is indifferent to him. Quite a lot of patients 40 to 50 years, who not only suffer from osteoarthritis, but also from seriously threatening the health of the cardiovascular disease are not exercising.

Medical advice may enable us to survive longer than a caveman, but who rejoices in the last 10-15 years? Only truly healthy.

How about others? Daily stress together with habit incorrectly to eat causes

the body to develop a high level of “bad” cholesterol. Over time is a logical result: high blood pressure caused by clogged arteries. Add in Smoking and obesity. and the challenges are there. This way of life can lead not only to a heart attack or stroke, but also destroys your joints and drastically affect the tone of the muscles, Continue reading