Nordic walking stick in his hands – and forward!
Where did the fashion for walking with ski poles? There is a version that in the 1940-ies Finnish skiers wanted to practice and summer. Started walking without skis, but with…

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Treadmill or exercise bike which is bette
  An active lifestyle is one of the main postulates of maintaining human health. The main ally of any energetic person is, of course, sports equipment. In every gym there…

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Preparing for cross-campaign (schools competitions tourism training)

Personal equipment:

-clothes for work on the stages that cover the elbows and knees (mandatory!)

-helmet with LANYARD(thin rope, attached to the helmet at one end, to the upper binding-others)


-2 the prussik. (no extra knots!)

the stirrup

-carbines not less than 5 PCs, eight

-working gloves. With no holes. brand new gloves sand wiped to holes within 2-3 working off stage. Safety mitts too. You need to take stock, to the 4th stage on the slope of gloves from active participants some scraps left. (Added Sasha Ukladova). Spare Gloves may escort to wear Continue reading

How to start doing yoga for arthritis


Arthritis is a General name for inflammation of the joints, which can be manifested in different ways. For example, pain of varying degrees, a lack of flexibility or edema. There are many types of arthritis, the most common are osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis.

During osteoarthritis, the joints become inflamed due to use for a long time; this type of arthritis occurs in older people and people that perform repetitive actions. Rheumatoid arthritis is an autoimmune disease in which your own immune system of the human body attacks the membranes of the

joints. It occurs in people of any age. Although the causes, severity and appropriate treatment are very different for all kinds of arthritis, they have one thing in common: permanently arthritis cure is impossible, so each patient needs to find a way to live with his condition.

Most of the joints, arthritis, benefit from regular exercises with low-impact, which help to reduce pain and improve Continue reading

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