Fitness as a way zhizni
  Unfortunately, active fitness enthusiasts less than those who is indifferent to him. Quite a lot of patients 40 to 50 years, who not only suffer from osteoarthritis, but also…

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How to choose an elliptical trainer
  Long when deciding on the desirable form of the simulator, You will finally opted for the elliptical. Now you can easily make an order and enjoy the purchased product.…

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21 best fitness site for active lifestyles


Everyone knows that the Internet is one of the best and most available sources of information for any sphere of life. If you want to lose weight, get rid of diseases and to make a beautiful figure, your faithful helpers will be sites devoted to the topic of sports and fitness. I want to offer you a list, which included 21, in my opinion, the best fitness site for those who lead an active lifestyle or plans to soon go to him.

Why «fitness» website?

Usually people have “no clue” believe that fitness is a kind of gymnastics for women. Actually fitness is not a specific athletic or sporting Continue reading

The training to compete in BB – 85kg. For the first time


Hello, reader! The topic, begin a cycle of their training to compete in bobybuilding in the category men 85kg.

184 and remained about a month time. went..

My current form:

Basic information on applying for the competition, which I managed nalcrest and sort through. I would be grateful to adjustments on the part of speakers bodybuilders.

Salt, potassium&magnesium and water

To minimize the techniques of sodium. 1-3 day out of the water as much as possible the distillate. 3-6 day completely removed salt and will not use distilled water.

Be sure to start drinking potassium magnesium tablets. 2 days is limited to the consumption of water ( for 2 days 500ml, 1 day 150) on race day water 100-150 ml only during the buildup in front of the stage). 4 days exclude workout completely.

The last 10 days, with particular emphasis on dose reduction of salt in the diet and increasing potassium intake. 5 times a day I take 100 mg. of potassium / day 500 mg/ empty Continue reading

Why do we need physical exercise


Physical exercises are essential for good health and physical condition, to ensure that throughout the life of your body remain flexible and fluid, not thick and shapeless. But what is health and what is the physical condition?

Good health is the absence of diseases.

Good physical condition is a strength, endurance, flexibility.

The definition should be exactly like. And the simpler the definition, the easier it is to understand what we want from their health and physical condition. We often tend to give the following definitions: “I’m not very good health” or “My physical condition is not such that I need and I can achieve”. We attempt to match our individual needs to the way of life that leads, and adapted health and physical Continue reading