Fitness as a way zhizni
  Unfortunately, active fitness enthusiasts less than those who is indifferent to him. Quite a lot of patients 40 to 50 years, who not only suffer from osteoarthritis, but also…

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Swimming for the expectant mother risk or benefit
The role of swimming for the General physical condition of the person is difficult to overestimate. But whether or not to go swimming for pregnant women, because the expectant mother…

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The influence of training loads on the various systems of the body


Higher control center of locomotor activity are located in the cerebral cortex and the nerve cells that directly control the functioning of the muscles, in the brain spinal.


The nervous system performs three main tasks. First, the harmonization and coordination of different parts of the body and combining them into a single unit. Secondly, initiation and management of reactions of the

organism as a whole in response to changes both internally and in the external environment. Thirdly, the nervous system is the carrier of the psyche. The nervous system also plays a Central role in the habituation of the human Continue reading

5 bad advice, why you should not do yoga


1. To see at what distance you from the approaching car when you are going to cross the road, you already habitually turn this way all body. This means that you sit at a computer for 12 hours at least 5 days a week. Congratulations! It means you are respected in society, a person and a professional in his field. Therefore, never do yoga! Otherwise people looking as you’re on the side nonchalantly turn his head, instead of a solid expander body will think that you are a slacker and a loser. Because low back pain is the best proof that you are a lot of work, you are talented and in demand for many years to come.

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Breathing exercises Strelnikova exercises for slimming your search engine


Breathing exercises for weight loss helps to remove fat cells from the body of pesticides, preservatives and other toxins. After all, a special

breathing exercise can increase the amount of oxygen in the blood, and hence to accelerate the fat burning process during exercise: diet best reviews. What is a exercises Strelnikova exercises Strelnikova is a set of breathing exercises that was developed by singer Alexandra Strelnikova in the 40-ies of xx century.

Don’t need to do all approaches in a row, after 32 breaths exhale give yourself a small break for 10-30 seconds. So the effect of gymnastics was the greatest, compound exercises should be performed on an empty stomach 3 times a day, morning, afternoon and evening for 20-30 minutes. Breathing is a vital function of the human body, without which life is impossible. And when not enough oxygen, Continue reading